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Why Choose EO.Pdf?

Top 10 reasons to choose EO.Pdf:

  1. We know professional component development

    As the company name "Essential Objects" suggests, professional components development is all we do. Our goal is to offer high quality and easy to use components for developers worldwide at a great price -- a promise we've been fulfilling for many years. We create our products based on years of experience and customer feedbacks, which results in more elegant, more powerful and much easier to use products.

  2. We are a serious U.S. based business

    We are one company, use one name and one website. We care about our brand and reputation. We do not create multiple websites or different product names for the same product in an attempt to get more attention or to confuse users. We have a long term product and brand strategy.

  3. We have the best HTML to PDF converter

    Our HTML to PDF converter is based on the latest technology. It supports all modern Web technologies such as Javascript, DHTML, CSS1/CSS2/CSS3 and SVG --- in short, it understand everything a Web browser can understand. Yet it does not rely on any external browsers. User can update/install/uninstall their browsers freely.

    We also support many advanced features such as multi-layer transparent rendering, auto/manual paging, automatically prevent texts/images cut off in between pages, auto/manual bookmark generation, interface to examine HTML element tree and position, and much more.

  4. We offer much more than just a HTML to PDF converter

    EO.Pdf is not just a HTML to PDF converter. It is a full featured PDF SDK. You can load, create, modify, split, merge, encrypt and decrypt PDF files --- almost anything involved with creating or modifying a PDF file. HTML to PDF is just one of the several supported ways to generate PDF contents. For example, you can load an existing PDF file, then generate a transparent watermark using HTML to PDF, then save it back.

  5. We have the best documentation

    Full guide, detailed articles about each feature as well as completely class references are both available online and as a .chm file, which is installed if you install our product. The .chm help file gives you fast access, easy navigation and ability to search by keywords.

    Unlike many so called "class reference" that includes no details or no more than one line for each property/methods, we provide extensive detail documentation for each class/property/methods. We also carefully review our documentation for technical accuracy and completeness.

  6. "Unlimited" with every license

    All EO.Pdf licenses allow unlimited servers, unlimited applications and royalty free redistribution. Pay once and use forever. No string attached.

  7. Most easy to integrate, use and deploy

    All EO.Pdf features are packed in two DLL files --- just pack them with your application and use. The same DLLs for all .NET versions, for both 32 bit and 64 bit environment. No installation, client side setup or registration needed.

  8. We offer the best tech support in the industry

    Our users often tell us "I wish other vendors were half as responsive as you are". We stand by our product and we pride ourselves for being able to offer fast and in depth technical support. We do not assign entry level developers on support positions. All technical support issues are handled by experienced developers with in depth and extensive knowledge about the product.

  9. We are always listening

    At Essential Objects we value end user feedbacks. Different users have different scenarios and it is very important for us to understand what they are looking for from a product. We encourage our users to share their thought and wish list with us. The more we hear from our users, the better the product will be.

  10. We have the best price

    Compare and believe. We encourage you to download the fully functional free trial and compare what we have to offer with our competitors. Why pay more for less when you have better options?