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"One reason that I love your HTML Editor (and all your controls actually) is that they are simple to use: drop them on the page, adjust a couple of properties and you're good to go. Controls from other vendors (like Rad's, ComponentOne's etc) have much steeper learning curves.

Keep up the great work; I'am a fan."

Tim, UK

Product Highlights

  • Cross browser, cross platform

    Supports all the popular browsers: IE 6.0+, FireFox 1.0+, Mozilla 1.3+, Opera 7.2+, Safari 1.3+ and Chrome;

  • Advanced Theme and Skin support

    EO.Web Editor comes with several built-in templates that you can use out of box. You can also customize based on any of these template, or implement your own design from ground up. Use a CSS file if you feel need to, or simply use our style editor to edit each styles on the fly;

  • Consistent XHTML compliant output across all supported browsers

    EO.Web HTML Editor does not rely on the browser to format the final HTML. Rather it implements its own HTML formatter that generates XHTML compliant output across all supported browsers.

  • Light-weighted but feature rich design

    EO.Web Editor supports a large set of features, but its unique modular design ensures only modules that are used by your application are loaded.

  • Full set HTML table related commands

    Working with tables is never easier. Insert, split, merge cells or rows at will;

  • Built-in emoticon support

    Want to use emoticons? No problem. Use the built-in emoticon set or supply your own.

  • Extensive customization and localization options

    Everything is customizable. Use your own tool bar designs, pick the buttons that you want to have. Change the UI language. The editor is designed for beginners as well as advanced users;

  • Completely client side JavaScript API

    This takes the customization one step further so that you can customize/manipulate the editor through code. A must have feature for advanced users;

  • Seamlessly integrated with EO.Web SpellChecker and EO.Web ColorPicker

    Want to offer your user spell checking ability? It's already there. A few mouse clicks can enable spell checking for the editor on dozens of supported languages;

  • One version supports all major ASP.NET versions and ASP.NET AJAX

    Maintain one version only. No need to worry about upgrading your ASP.NET version. All our products support ASP.NET 1.1, 2.0 and 3.5. Automatically supports ASP.NET AJAX;

  • Insert clean HTML from Word

    Microsoft Word put a lot of unnecessary Word specific markups on clipboard when you copy from Word. EO.Web Editor offers "Paste from Word" button to automatically remove these markups when contents is pasted in.

  • Server Explorer with File Upload

    Users often need to insert a file on the server, such as an image, into the editor. Or very often they would want to upload their own files. EO.Web Editor easily supports both with the FileExplorer and AJAXUploader components. Both can be used alone or used together with the Editor;

  • Relative or Absolute URL

    When Editor references an external file, such as an image or a video, the Editor can keep the absolute URL or relative URL of the external file. You can choose between the two by setting a single property.

How to use EO.Web Controls?

  • If you use Visual Studio

    Simply download and install our product and the setup will add all controls to your toolbox. Drag and drop the control from the toolbox to your Web Form and you are all set;

  • If you do not use Visual Studio

    If you do not use a development tool like Visual Studio, follow these easy steps:

    1. Copy EO.Web.dll to your application's bin folder;
    2. Add the following code to the top of the page;

      <%@ Register assembly="EO.Web" namespace="EO.Web" tagprefix="eo" %>

    3. Copy the control definition from any of our sample page source code. Source code for all the samples are included in the download package;

    Now you are ready to go!

Additional Resources

  • Product Documentation

    All features are explained in great details in the product documentation. It also contains complete reference information for each type, property or method;

  • Samples

    Source code for all the live demos is included in the download package. You can install them and run the samples locally on your machine and see how it works;

  • Technical Support

    Still have questions? Post in our support forum or contact us and we will answer them quickly. Our turn around time is among the best in the industry.