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Calendar & DatePicker for WPF

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EO.Wpf offers a number of calendar related controls. Including:

  • YearPicker

    WPF Year Picker

    A year picker is a link button with a drop down for choosing years. It is used by the Calendar/DatePicker control to switch years, but can also be used as a standalone control and is fully customizable;

  • MonthPicker

    WPF Month Picker

    MonthPicker extends YearPicker to include a month link button. Click month link button to display a drop down to choose month.

    A MonthPicker also includes a link for the YearPicker. So a single MonthPicker can be used to pick both month and year.

  • Calendar

    WPF Calendar EO.Wpf Calendar is an advanced Calendar control that supports:
    • Customizable header/footer. You can customize everything in the header/footer area;
    • Multiple selections. Can select by days, by week or by month;
    • Various ways to specifying disabled/blackout dates;
    • Multi-Month view. You can display multiple month at once;
    • And much more!
  • DatePicker

    WPF DatePicker

    EO.Wpf DatePicker is a textbox with masked edit feature that allows user to enter date value directly, or use the drop down button that opens a Calendar popup for user to choose a date quickly. The textbox supports a wide variety of formats.

Additional Resources

  • Product Documentation

    All features are explained in great details in the product documentation. It also contains complete reference information for each type, property or method;

  • Samples

    The download package contains a wide variety of samples with full C# and Visual Basic.NET source code that demonstrate how to use different feature of the EO.Wpf library.

  • Technical Support

    Still have questions? Post in our support forum or contact us and we will answer them quickly. Our turn around time is among the best in the industry.