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Accessing .NET Code from JavaScript Code with EO.WebBrowser

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EO.WebBrowser also supports "JavaScript Extension", which allows you to register a .NET function as a JavaScript function, thus allowing JavaScript code to call .NET code. The following code creates a JavaScript function "demoAbout":
//Register extension function "demoAbout"
webView1.RegisterJSExtensionFunction("demoAbout", new JSExtInvokeHandler(WebView_JSDemoAbout))

//Extension handler function
void WebView_JSDemoAbout(object sender, JSExtInvokeArgs e)
    string browserEngine = e.Arguments[0] as string;
    string url = e.Arguments[1] as string;
    MessageBox.Show("Browser Engine: " + browserEngine + ", Url:" + url);

After the above code, you can call "demoAbout" directly from your JavaScript code:

//This code will call WebView_JSDemoAbout 
demoAbout(window.navigator.appVersion, document.URL);

The above code calls the .NET WebView_JSDemoAbout function. The two arguments passed to the JavaScript function are also passed to the .NET side available through the .NET event argument object.

See here for detailed information on how to call .NET code from JavaScript code.

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