.NET PDF and Web Browser is never this easy

Quickly extend your .NET application with PDF file generating/processing ability, or seamlessly integrate the popular Chromium browser engine both for UI or background task with extensive customization options such as custom resource loader and JavaScript extension.

Currently: v2024.1.46.0 · Change logs · Also on nuget

Visual Studio with EO.Pdf


PDF Generating, Processing & Viewing API

  • HTML to PDF based on Google Chromium browser engine, renders everything exactly as in Google Chrome browser;
  • 100% .NET managed DLLs, reference and run, no installation needed;
  • Support .Net Framework 2.0 and above, .NET Core 3.0 and above;
  • Read, fill, and sign existing PDF files;
  • PDFViewer class for both WPF and Windows.Forms;
  • Working with existing PDF files;


Chromium based browser engine for .NET

  • Seamlessly integrate the power of Chromium browser engine and .NET;
  • Add browser capacity in Windows.Forms and WPF app simply by drag and drop;
  • Also support "headless" mode with no UI, perfect for data crawling/automation;
  • Support .Net Framework 2.0 and above, .NET Core 3.0 and above;
  • Extensive customization options for UI, resource loader and JavaScript interface;
  • Fully self-contained with zero external dependency;


WPF UI control library to compliment/extend standard controls

  • Built-in skin and theme engine;
  • Enhanced version of standard controls such as TabControl/ListBox;
  • Visual Studio style docking view engine;
  • Various Scales and Gauge controls/primitives;
  • Support .Net Framework 4.0 and above, .NET Core 3.1 and above;


High quality UI control for legacy ASP.NET WebForm application

  • Built for ASP.NET WebForm application since ASP.NET 1.0, fully tested over time;
  • Not suitable for newer ASP.NET framework such as MVC, but perfect for maintaining legacy WebForm code/modules in a larger MVC application;
  • Support .Net Framework 2.0 and above, .NET Core 3.0 and above;
  • Fully supported and regularly updated for platform/browser compatibility;