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About Us

Essential Objects, Inc. is a software company located in Florida, United States, near the beautiful Miami-Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area. The company currently focuses on .NET components development.

Our mission is to provide powerful, flexible and easy to use .NET components that help developers, designers and organizations worldwide to realize professional .NET based solutions while greatly reduce their development time and effort, and to ultimately reduce their overall development cost.

Formally known as AspxLab, the company started out as a group of highly passionate developers that focus on ASP.NET component development. Shortly after its introduction, the first component released AspxLab Menu quickly gained popularity not only among programmers, but also designers who loves the unique yet powerful design time tool -- Menu Builder.

The product line quickly expanded significantly and covers a complete set of navigational controls, including Menu, Slide Menu, TabStrip and TreeView, a full calendar solution, including a Calendar, a PopupCalendar and a DatePicker control, as well as an AJAX solution including a Callback engine and a CallbackPanel control. It is further expanded every year, adding ProgressBar, Dialog, AJAX Uploader, MaskedEdit, Splitter and Grid in 2007, Editor, ColorPicker, SpellChecker and FileExploer in 2008, Floater, ToolBar, ImageZoom in 2009 and again several new controls in 2010. Currently EO.Web includes more than two dozen high quality ASP.NET controls and it is one of most comprehensive ASP.NET control library on the market. The product servers thousands of customers worldwide, including many industry leaders such as Boeing, Microsoft and eBay.

A new product line EO.Pdf for .NET was also introduced in 2010. Thanks to years of .NET component development experience, EO.Pdf was born with a highly efficient and flexible design perfectly combined with a clean and elegant implementation from day one. With its extremely easy to use API, it offers any .NET developer ability the create PDF files without requiring any knowledge about PDF format at all. The product quickly gained attention among many developers seeking for not only easy to use, but also powerful and affordable .NET based PDF solution. Essential Objects quickly expanded the product to support HTML to PDF conversion and ability to load and modify existing PDF files in 2011.

The product line continues to grow. In 2013 Essential Objects released two new products: EO.Wpf and EO.WebBrowser. EO.Wpf is a set of high quality UI controls for Windows Presentation Foundation and EO.WebBrowser is a .NET browser engine based on Google's Chrome project. These two products offer traditional desktop application developers greatly power and flexibility from two completely different fronts: traditional WPF controls and ability to load and interact with any HTML page/UI seamlessly within the same application.

The name "Essential Objects" was adopted to better reflect our focus on building high quality reusable software components for .NET. High quality component for .NET is what we do and what we do best. At Essential Objects we are committed to continually expand and improve our existing products and to offer other exciting new products in the future.