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1/15/2018 - EO.Total 18.0.55

This build contains updates to the following products:

  • Added support to read AES-256 encrypted PDF files;
  • Fixed EO.Pdf crashes when loading PDF file that contains font with missing charWidths data issue;
  • Fixed EO.Pdf not honoring HtmlToPdfOptions.StartPosition if there is a forced page break at the beginning of the first page issue;
  • Fixed HtmlToPdfOptions.HeaderHtmlFormat/FooterHtmlFormat creating duplicates contents in the result PDF file resulting in unnecessary file size increase issue;
  • Fixed PdfDocument.Print may hang when there is no default printer issue;
  • Added Engine.Version property to return the version of the Chromium browser engine on the C# side;
  • Added eoapi.getChromiumVersion() JavaScript function to return the version of Chromium browser engine in JavaScript;
  • Added FullscreenModeChangedArgs.Parent property to allow user to provide custom container for the full screen window;
  • Added ResourceHandlerContext class to allow user to allow user to maintain per request custom data with custom resource handler;
  • Fixed full screen window not automatically closed when the WebView is destroyed issue;
  • Fixed moving a WebView from one parent window to another parent window does not retain WebView state issue;
  • Fixed WebControl's IsReady property not changing to false when the WebView has closed/destroyed issue;

12/19/2017 - EO.Total 18.0.28

This build contains updates to the following products:

  • Fixed paste in Editor control not working properly on IE 11 issue;
  • Fixed not able to read custom combobox value issue
  • Added code to check whether user supplied download file path is writable;
  • Fixed built-in context menu from Flash Player not working issue;
  • Fixed exit full screen hint message not fading away issue;
  • Fixed printing from Flash Player not working issue;
  • Fixed tooltip position is wrong on high DPI setting issue;

12/6/2017 - EO.Total 18.0.15

This build contains updates to the following products:

EO.WebEngine (Affecting EO.Pdf and EO.WebBrowser)
  • Added screen capture and manual HTML to PDF converter trigger to web engine debug UI;
  • Added partial support for Chrome on Andriod for the MaskedEdit control;
  • Fixed receiving "Failed to load external designer" error in design mode issue;
  • Fixed HTML to PDF converter may miss certain part of the main content issue;
  • Fixed HtmlToPdfOptions.BeforeRenderPage callback is called multiple times when header/footer is used issue;
  • Fixed HtmlToPdfOptions.HeaderFormat/FooterFormat may not work properly if the root element of the HTML format string is floated issue;
  • Fixed modifying a PdfPage's Size property would reset the page's crop box issue;
  • Added LoadFailedEventArgs.IsLastTask property;
  • Fixed Flash Player not working issue;
  • Fixed scroll bar width is incorrect under high DPI setting issue;
  • Fixed select element not working issue;

11/30/2017 - EO.Total 18.0.9

This build contains updates to the following products:

EO.WebEngine (Affecting EO.Pdf and EO.WebBrowser)
  • Updated Chromium engine from V54 to V62;
  • Added HtmlElement.PageBreakRangeWithMargin to provide additional information for custom paging code;
  • Added PdfPage.Rotation property to read rotation setting in a page;
  • Added support for HtmlToPdfOptions.JpegQualityLevel to be set to negative value to skip JPEG compression for images;
  • Fixed block shadow not rendering correctly issue;
  • Fixed changing PdfPage.Size property may move the page content location issue;
  • Fixed changing property of PdfDocument.Info object may not work issue;
  • Fixed EO.Pdf Canvas not supporting antialias issue;
  • Fixed EO.Pdf not able to load file with invalid ItalicAngle issue;
  • Fixed EO.Pdf page-break-before:avoid and page-break-after:avoid paging instruction may not work correctly if the target element has large margin top/margin bottom issue;
  • Added EngineOptions.BypassUserGestureCheck property;
  • Added EngineOptions.SpellCheckLanguages property;
  • Added full screen support;
  • Added LoadFailedEventArgs.ShouldShowError to control whether to display the error message or not;
  • Added PostDataCollection.SetRawData method;
  • Added Request.ContentType, ContentLength and ContentEncoding property;
  • Added speech synthetic support;
  • Fixed keyboard shortcut may stop working after moving a WebView to a different parent window issue;
  • Fixed sometimes Engine Start/Stop causes deadlock issue;
  • Fixed tooltip not working property when a WebView has been moved from one parent window to another parent window issue;
  • Fixed WebView.GetSource leave orphan child process issue;
  • Removed BrowserOptions.AllowJavaScriptOpenWindow;
  • Removed obsolte EO.WebBrowser.Wpf.WebControl and EO.WebBrowser.WinForm.WebControl
  • Removed several previously existed but not implemented properties on NewWindowEventArgs class;


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How to read change log version number?

EO.Total 2015 and newer uses a single version number across all products with the major version number being the same as the year number. For example, EO.Total 2015.1.69.8 contains EO.Web, EO.Pdf, EO.Wpf and EO.WebBrowser

Prior to EO.Total 2015, there is a release number for each EO.Total release (for example, 2014.0.30) and a separate version number for the main DLL of each product. In each EO.Total release section you can find the main DLL version for the corresponding product (for example, "EO.Web 12.0.15" means the main DLL for EO.Web in the release has a version number of 12.0.15).

How to get update for just one product?

Please search nuget gallery for our products. Different product are listed separately in nuget gallery so that you can update each product independently.