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2/15/2019 - EO.Total 19.0.56

This build contains updates to the following products:

EO.Base (Affecting all products)
  • Updated Chromium engine from V62 to V70;
  • Fixed tab key navigation for the Grid control not working property on FireFox 65 issue;
  • Added PdfDocumentSecurity.IsEncrypted property;
  • Fixed Captcha textbox not disabled when the Captcha control's Enabled is set to false issue;
  • Fixed having one empty value in HtmlToPdfOptions.HeaderHtmlFormat and FooterHtmlFormat property causing header/footer to be printed on the wrong page issue;
  • Fixed HTML to PDF converter not honoring base Url set by base element when converting link issue;
  • Added DownloadItem.ErrorCode property;
  • Added print to PDF file support (requires EO.Pdf license);
  • Fixed default JavaScript dialog message box having incomplete title text issue;
  • Fixed not able to launch a foreground window from a WebView input event (such as mouse double click on the WebView) issue;
  • Fixed rapidly moving window while a WebView is loading a page can cause application to hang issue;
  • Fixed trying to save a downloaded file to a location that the application does not have access would cause download to hang issue;
  • Fixed WebView may not maintain previously focused node after losing and regaining focus issue;
  • Removed AutoProcessCommandKeys from both EO.WinForm.WebControl and EO.Wpf.WebControl;
  • Significantly improved Windows Form and WPF input integration (such as shortcuts for menu items) with EO.WebBrowser;
  • Added code to keep child process alive until the main application closes during and end session event. This ensures all EO features are still accessible while the main application responds end session events;
  • Fixed EO products may fail to start after Windows 1809 update issue;


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How to read change log version number?

EO.Total 2015 and newer uses a single version number across all products with the major version number being the same as the year number. For example, EO.Total 2015.1.69.8 contains EO.Web, EO.Pdf, EO.Wpf and EO.WebBrowser

Prior to EO.Total 2015, there is a release number for each EO.Total release (for example, 2014.0.30) and a separate version number for the main DLL of each product. In each EO.Total release section you can find the main DLL version for the corresponding product (for example, "EO.Web 12.0.15" means the main DLL for EO.Web in the release has a version number of 12.0.15).

How to get update for just one product?

Please search nuget gallery for our products. Different product are listed separately in nuget gallery so that you can update each product independently.