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6/6/2017 - EO.Total 17.1.76

This build contains updates to the following products:

  • Added @page at-style support for HTML to PDF converter;
  • Fixed navigating to a second page before the first navigation task completes does not correctly mark the first NavigationTask as canceled issue;
  • Fixed setting Refererrer header in Request.Headers collection when calling LoadRequest does not affect document.referrer issue;
  • Fixed WebView.DownloadUpdated event not properly fired issue;

5/25/2017 - EO.Total 17.1.65

This build contains updates to the following products:

EO.Base (Affecting all products)
  • Fixed EO.Base.Runtime.InitWorkerProcessExecutable fails if the same executable has already been created but is currently in use issue;
  • Fixed starting an application that uses EO library and then immediately stops may cause NullReferenceException issue;
  • Added PdfDocument.OpenAction and support for several different action types;
  • Fixed PDF document sometimes create overlapping text issue;
  • Added SecureString support for WebView.NeedCredentials;
  • Fixed rendering engine crashes on very wide page issue;
  • Fixed the default "Back" context menu item can navigate to the initial blank page that's beyond the first user Url issue;

5/15/2017 - EO.Total 17.1.55

This build contains updates to the following products:

  • Added Windows Server Core 2012 support;
  • Fixed using ConvertHtml/ConvertUrl to generate additional output to an existing PDF file may not properly merge duplicate font thus creating large result PDF file issue;
  • Provided more specific error message when HtmlToPdfOptions.StartPageIndex is out of valid range;
  • Fixed creating multiple WebView concurrently may cause deadlock issue;

5/3/2017 - EO.Total 17.1.42

This build contains updates to the following products:

  • Fixed "mailto" protocol correctly triggers LaunchUrl event but still triggers LoadFailed event issue;
  • Fixed drop down not correctly displayed under high DPI setting issue;

4/20/2017 - EO.Total 17.1.30

This build contains updates to the following products:

  • Fixed header and footer created with HtmlToPdfOptions.HeaderHtmlFormat and FooterHtmlFormat only covers a single column when using multi-column output issue;
  • Improved handling of page break instruction "page-break-before:avoid" and "page-break-after:avoid" to avoid the entire element on which these two attributes being applied being treated as unbreakable;
  • Added Engine.GetAll method returns all browser engines in the current AppDomain;
  • Added WebView.Download method to download resource to a file;
  • Added WebView.GetSource method to retrieve page source;
  • Fixed default message text in confirm unload dialog not translated according to EngineOptions.UILanguage issue;
  • Fixed setting EngineOptions.AlwaysShowOnScreenKeyboardOnTouch to true has no effect on Windows 7 issue;

4/4/2017 - EO.Total 17.1.14

This build contains updates to the following products:

EO.Base (Affecting all products)
  • Fixed some valid subscription license keys not working properly issue;
  • Added support to completely skip JPEG compression for the HTML to PDF converter;
  • Fixed HTML to PDF converter not properly handle canvas transparency issue;
  • Fixed HTML to PDF incorrectly append post arguments as query string issue;
  • Fixed HtmlToPdfSession.GetCookies always returns null issue;
  • Fixed PdfDocument.Merge may cause some text in the result file not rendering properly issue;
  • Fixed some PDF files causing PdfDocument.Merge to throw NullReferenceException issue;
  • Fixed the HTML to PDF converter not properly using fallback fonts for characters not existing in main font issue;
  • Fixed default JavaScript confirm dialog title text contains unpopulated argument "$1" issue;
  • Fixed touch events not working properly for some websites issues;
  • Fixed EO.Wpf controls throws exception if used inside an ElementHost control issue;
  • Added Visual Studio 2017 support for installer;

3/24/2017 - EO.Total 17.1.3

This build contains updates to the following products:

  • Fixed Calendar control sometimes cause JavaScript error on Chrome V57 issue;
  • Fixed setting Rating control's Enabled property to false has no effect issue;
  • Added HtmlToPdfOptions.FirstHeaderFooterPageIndex to support skipping pages at the beginning of the result PDF file for header and footer;
  • Fixed HtmlToPdfOptions.Follow may cause the last page to be completely overwritten by the first page of the second conversion result file issue;
  • Fixed MvcToPdf sometimes missing contents at the begining of the page issue;
  • Fixed PdfDocument.Merge may cause some text in the result file not rendering properly issue;

3/16/2017 - EO.Total 17.0.95

This build contains updates to the following products:

  • Fixed LoadRequest hangs if an invalid Url is provided issue;
  • Fixed LoadUrl with a data Url hangs if the navigation has been canceled in BeforeNavigate event issue;
  • Fixed tooltip from HTML title property not showing problem;
  • Fixed WebView created through NewWindow not inheriting the opener WebView's EnableWebSecurity setting issue;
  • Add gactools.exe and eowp.exe to EO.Pdf, EO.WebBrowser and EO.Wpf nuget packages;

3/3/2017 - EO.Total 17.0.81

This build contains updates to the following products:

  • Fixed Editor line break mode not working properly on IE 11 issue;
  • Added code to automatically renamed duplicate fields when merging PDF files to avoid duplicated fields may not display correctly in Adobe PDF Reader issue;
  • Fixed PdfListBoxField.Value not returning the correct value when an item is selected from the drop down box issue;
  • Added Engine property to ThreadRunner object;
  • Fixed BeforeNavigate not fired for data Url issue;
  • Fixed new window not taking opener window's BrowserOptions settings issue;
  • Removed shared EO.Base nuget package;

2/14/2017 - EO.Total 17.0.64

This build contains updates to the following products:

EO.WebEngine (Affecting EO.Pdf and EO.WebBrowser)
  • Fixed browser engine not working if the current login user name contains quotation mark issue;
  • Fixed browser engine not working on Windows Server 2008 issue;
  • Fixed not able to read or write custom value of a PDF list box field issue;

2/2/2017 - EO.Total 17.0.53

This build contains updates to the following products:

EO.Base (Affecting all products)
  • Fixed pass false to WaitableTask.GetDoneEvent(bool) has no effect issue;
  • Added PdfRender class to render PDF file as image;
  • Added frameName argument to WebView.EvalScript method to support running script in a specific frame;
  • Added FrameName property to ScriptCall call to support running script in a specific frame;
  • Added JSInvokeResult.WebViewDestroyed enum member to identify scenarios when EvalScript is called on a WebView that has already been destroyed;
  • Added multi-language support for the built-in spell checker;
  • Added writeBufferSize argument to ResourceHandler's constructor and implemented flow control based on the buffer size;
  • Fixed e.Request is null for AfterReceiveHeaders event if the resource is loaded from cache issue;
  • Fixed EngineOptions.AlwaysShowOnScreenKeyboardOnTouch not working property issue;
  • Fixed some context menu items are not automatically translated issue;

1/20/2017 - EO.Total 17.0.40

This build contains updates to the following products:

EO.Base (Affecting all products)
  • Added EO.Base.WaitableTask as the base class for EO.WebBrowser.WaitableTask;
  • Change WaitableTask.IsDone from member function to property in order to be consistent with IsAborted;
  • Fixed setting EO.Base.Runtime.EnableEOWP to true causes deadlock on certain systems issue
  • Added GridColumn.setHeaderText client side function;
  • Fixed DatePicker dropdown does not automatically reposition when page layout changes (such as caused by screen rotation);
  • Changed PdfViewer.Print and PdfDocument.Print to return an EO.Base.WaitableTask object that can be used to monitor when the printing is finished or canceled;
  • Fixed not being able to convert XHTML document issue;
  • Changed WebView.ZoomFactor from maintained per Url to per WebView;
  • Fixed default context menu item text not automatically localized issue;
  • Fixed eo:WebView in XAML not recognized issue;
  • Fixed the size of the scrollbars for a WebView is wrong on high DPI screen issue;
  • Fixed WebView.Closing event not fired when triggered through window.close() in JavaScript;

1/13/2017 - EO.Total 17.0.31

This build contains updates to the following products:

EO.Base (Affecting all products)
  • Renamed property EO.Base.Runtime.EnableLargeAddress to EO.Base.Runtime.EnableEOWP. The original property is now depreciated;
EO.WebEngine (Affecting EO.Pdf and EO.WebBrowser)
  • Switched to Chromium V54;
  • Added PdfDocument.Print method to print a PdfDocument;
  • Added PdfViewer class to support PDF Viewer feature;
  • Fixed EO.Pdf creates the wrong output when repeating large table header issue;
  • Fixed PdfDocument.EmbedFont not working issue;
  • Removed classic engine support;
  • Removed HtmlToPdfOptions.SaveAsImageAsJpeg as now images are always saved in JPEG format;
  • Removed previously obsoleted properteis HtmlToPdfOptions.AutoFitWidth, HtmlToPdfOptions.PreserveHighResImages and HtmlToPdfOptions.TriggerConversionManually
  • Added ConsoleMessageType.JavaScript enum member;
  • Added FindSession.Stop method;
  • Added SkipBeforeUnload property to WebViewClosingEventArgs to allow user explicitly specify whether to skip unload script for the page;
  • Fixed built-in PDF plugin cannot be loaded on Windows Server 2008 R2 issue;
  • Fixed EvalScript may return null if a new EvalScript is immediately called after the previous EvalScript returns;
  • Fixed WebView.RenderUnresponsive event can be incorrectly triggered again before the handler of the previous occurance returns issue;
  • Moved EO.WebBrowser.Wpf.WebControl to EO.Wpf namespace. The original class is now depreciated;


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How to read change log version number?

EO.Total 2015 and newer uses a single version number across all products with the major version number being the same as the year number. For example, EO.Total 2015.1.69.8 contains EO.Web, EO.Pdf, EO.Wpf and EO.WebBrowser

Prior to EO.Total 2015, there is a release number for each EO.Total release (for example, 2014.0.30) and a separate version number for the main DLL of each product. In each EO.Total release section you can find the main DLL version for the corresponding product (for example, "EO.Web 12.0.15" means the main DLL for EO.Web in the release has a version number of 12.0.15).

How to get update for just one product?

Please search nuget gallery for our products. Different product are listed separately in nuget gallery so that you can update each product independently.