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12/18/2020 - EO.Total 20.3.63

This build contains updates to the following products:

  • Added HtmlToPdf.DisableGPU property;
  • Fixed PdfDocument fail to open some encrypted file issue;
  • Optimized PdfDocument.Merge method to better merging font data thus creating smaller result PDF file;
  • Added EngineOptions.CustomUserAgent property and depreciated WebView.CustomUserAgent property;
  • Fixed setting "Accept-Language" header on the Request object has no effect issue;
  • Fixed WebView created through NewWindow event unable to load new Url issue;

11/19/2020 - EO.Total 20.3.34

This build contains updates to the following products:

  • Added BmpHeader property and Save method to EO.WebBrowser.RawBitmapData class;
  • Added overload to WebView.LoadUrl with skipCache parameter;
  • Fixed setting PrinterSettings.PrintFileName not working issue;
  • Fixed using window.print() to print a PDF file in iframe not working issue;

10/9/2020 - EO.Total 20.2.90

This build contains updates to the following products:

EO.Base (Affecting all products)
  • Added EO.Base.DiagnosticTools class that includes various diagnostic functions;
  • Moved EO.Base.Runtime.StartDebugMonitor to EO.Base.DiagnosticTools;
  • Added WebView.CaptureRaw method to return the capture result in raw RGBA format;
  • Fixed a re-entering issue with WebView.QueueScriptCall;
  • Fixed WebView.LaunchUrl does not fire for unknown scheme issue;
  • Marked EngineOptions.RegisterCustomSchemes as obsolete;

9/10/2020 - EO.Total 20.2.63

This build contains updates to the following products:

EO.WebEngine (Affecting EO.Pdf and EO.WebBrowser)
  • Fixed receiving "Child process exited unexpectedly" error on Windows Server Core 2019 issue;
  • Fixed FileExplorer control missing file name in the file list Grid issue;
  • Fixed AcmRender can run into infinite loop when the output page width is set to zero issue;
  • Fixed calling EngineOptions.RegisterCustomSchemes to register a custom scheme in fact would block that scheme issue;
  • Fixed calling WebView.Capture when a JavaScript dialog box is currently showing would hang issue;

8/12/2020 - EO.Total 20.2.34

This build contains updates to the following products:

  • Changed PdfDocument to throw NotSupportedException when trying to load a PDF file with XFA form;
  • Changed QueueScriptCall to trigger OnDone with the ScriptCall object's Exception property set instead of throwing exception when the ScriptCall cannot completely successfully (such as when the WebView has already been destroyed);
  • Fixed application receives "Channel disconnected" error even if application cancels the session closing inside Application.SessionEnding event handler issue;
  • Fixed navigator.clipboard.writeText always fails with permission denied issue;

7/27/2020 - EO.Total 20.2.19

This build contains updates to the following products:

EO.Base (Affecting all products)
  • Fixed on some system receiving "Child process exited unexpectedly" exception during start issue
  • Fixed HTML to PDF converter does not throw exception when url failed to load (such as 404 Not found) issue;
  • Fixed PdfDocument.Fields.Remove not removing the corresponding annotation object issue;
  • Fixed calling CookieManager.SetCookie in UI thread can hang issue;
  • Fixed taping an input field in the web page may not correctly set the focus to the WebView issue;
  • Fixed taping the same input field again does not automatically displayed the software keyboard if the software keyboard has previously been displayed and subsequently closed;

6/30/2020 - EO.Total 20.1.88

This build contains updates to the following products:

EO.Base (Affecting all products)
  • Fixed EO product may crash on older Windows without any Windows update issue
EO.WebEngine (Affecting EO.Pdf and EO.WebBrowser)
  • Fixed leaving application idle in Windows Azure for an extended period of time can cause “Child process not ready” exception issue
  • Updated to Chromium V81
  • Adjusted Rating control to allow a star to be selected only after the mouse has slightly moved over the star, instead of requiring mouse to move at least over half a star in previous version
  • Fixed EditableLabel not working properly on Google Chrome issue
  • Added HtmlToPdf.EngineIdleTimeout property
  • Fixed external protocol such as tel:123-456-7890 does not correctly launch the corresponding Windows app on Windows 10 issue
  • Fixed the default login dialog for EO.WebBrowser does not mask the password input box issue

5/15/2020 - EO.Total 20.1.45

This build contains updates to the following products:

EO.Base (Affecting all products)
  • Fixed EO products not working properly on .NET core 3.1 issue;
  • Fixed HTML To PDF converter may fall into infinite loop and eventually cause OutOfMemoryException under certain paging setting issue;
  • Fixed clicking a WebView may not properly focus the WebView when there are multiple WebViews in a single WPF Window issue;
  • Fixed explicitly calling Environment.Exit method to close a Windows.Forms application causes application to crash issue;
  • Fixed internal worker thread may try to raise BeforeRequestLoad event after the WebView has been destroyed thus causing application to crash issue;
  • Fixed pinch zoom not enabled by default issue;
  • Fixed WebView.Capture not working properly for contents outside of the current visible area issue;

4/30/2020 - EO.Total 20.1.31

This build contains updates to the following products:

EO.Base (Affecting all products)
  • Added EO.Base.Runtime.Restart method;
  • Fixed AcmRender may incorrectly add top margins for contents rendered through its BeforeRenderPage event;
  • Fixed HTML to PDF may create blank page with only table header when page-inside-avoid instruction prevents an entire row to be fit on a single page issue;
  • Fixed HTML to PDF may incorrectly report an element's position to be on the previous page of the actual page issue;
  • Added support for posting files through Request object;
  • Fixed WebView may crashes on some version of Windows while using video related features issue;
  • Optimized code that prepares the printing job;

3/16/2020 - EO.Total 20.0.81

This build contains updates to the following products:

  • Fixed header/footer may appear at the wrong place if both HtmlToPdfOptions.HeaderHtmlFormat/FooterHtmlFormat contains valid HTML but one of them renders empty output;
  • Fixed not able to load PDF file with corrupted PDF file header issue;
  • Added code to allow local file access when loading contents into the WebView with LoadHtml and BrowserOptions.EnableWebSecurity is set to false;
  • Fixed audio auto play not working even when EngineOptions.BypassUserGestureCheck is set to true;
  • Fixed in case of a redirection, WebView may incorrectly send cookies from the original page to the redirected page;
  • Fixed using a timer to call WebView.Capture may cause re-entering issue;

2/13/2020 - EO.Total 20.0.53

This build contains updates to the following products:

  • Fixed AJAXUploader may fail if rapidly updating multiple files issue;
  • Enhanced PDF file parser to be more tolerate to invalid data before "endobj" tag;
  • Fixed HTML to PDF converter not able to read local file resource issue;
  • Changed WebView.LoadFailed and WebView.LoadCompleted event to be always called in the UI thread;
  • Fixed BeforeNavigateEventArgs.IsUserGesture always returns true when EngineOptions.BypassUserGestureCheck is set to true issue;
  • Fixed calling WebView.SetsCrollPos immediately after the WebView has been created may crash the browser engine issue;
  • Fixed HTTPs proxy not working properly issue;
  • Fixed sometimes the built-in WebView.JSDialog event handler crashes issue;
  • Fixed Windows Forms WebControl keyboard integration not working properly issue;

1/24/2020 - EO.Total 20.0.33

This build contains updates to the following products:

  • Added PdfViewer.ShowUIElement to show/hide toolbar buttons;
  • Fixed background on body element only shows on the first page issue;
  • Fixed conversion fails when the HTML contains an iframe that failed to load issue;
  • Fixed iframe may not be clipped property issue;
  • Changed Accept-Language to appear in the same order as in Google Chrome;
  • Changed the default value for LoadFailedEventArgs.ShouldShowError to false for canceled task;
  • Fixed cookie changes made in BeforeRequestLoad event has no effect issue;
  • Fixed Proxy not working issue;
  • Fixed touch event not working properly when EO worker process is enabled issue;

1/16/2020 - EO.Total 20.0.25

This build contains updates to the following products:

EO.Base (Affecting all products)
  • Fixed a GDI handle leak issue;
EO.WebEngine (Affecting EO.Pdf and EO.WebBrowser)
  • Updated to Chromium V77;
  • Added HtmlToPdfSession.ScrollThrough method to simulate user scrolling in order to trigger “load on scroll” behavior of the page to be converted;
  • Fixed EO.Pdf to tolerate improperly formatted Dictionary object with missing entry value issue;
  • Added BeforeNavigateEventArgs.NavigationType property;
  • Added RequestEventArgs.Task property;
  • Fixed automation/screen reader not working properly with password field issue;
  • Fixed calling e.Request.PostData.Add in BeforeRequestLoad may not correctly add the data issue;
  • Fixed nesting context menu may cause crash issue;
  • Fixed permission to navigator.clipboard is always denied issue;
  • Fixed video sharing website such as Skype not able to gain video/audio capturing permission issue;
  • Removed BrowserOptions.EnableXSSAuditor property;
  • Removed EngineOptions.DisableWMPointer property;
  • Removed EngineOptions.SkipWaitForLayerActivation property;


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EO.Total 2015 and newer uses a single version number across all products with the major version number being the same as the year number. For example, EO.Total 2015.1.69.8 contains EO.Web, EO.Pdf, EO.Wpf and EO.WebBrowser

Prior to EO.Total 2015, there is a release number for each EO.Total release (for example, 2014.0.30) and a separate version number for the main DLL of each product. In each EO.Total release section you can find the main DLL version for the corresponding product (for example, "EO.Web 12.0.15" means the main DLL for EO.Web in the release has a version number of 12.0.15).

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