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PDF generation Memory leak Options
Sriraj Madhavan
Posted: Tuesday, April 18, 2017 4:46:44 PM
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We are using EO PDF 16.7.2 on production servers - 6 Load balanced servers, ASP.Net MVC multi-tenant app.

After the upgrade to this version from version 4.0, we are facing memory leaks that create Memory Exhaustion exception and recycles the pool. Due to bot activity and user activity, atleast 1 server runs out of memory every couple of minutes. We see that the eowp.exe is not killed after a PDF generation and more and more eowp.exe with 50-100 mb each gets added. Solutions tried:

1. EO.Base.Runtime.EnableLargeAddressSpace = true;
2. EO.Base.Runtime.Shutdown();

below is the code:

using (Isolated<PdfConverter> isolated = new Isolated<PdfConverter>())
pdfBytes = isolated.Value.Process(
new PdfParameters
Key = currentController.AppConfig.EoPdfKey,
PDFUrls = PDFUrls,
Url = this.Url,
Header = string.Empty,
HideItemIds = "",
Cookies = ConvertHttpToNetCookies(context)


Isolated is a class that creates appdomain to generate the PDF(http://www.superstarcoders.com/blogs/posts/executing-code-in-a-separate-application-domain-using-c-sharp.aspx).

Can you please find out the reason for this memory leak.

Posted: Tuesday, April 18, 2017 5:16:03 PM
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Please try to isolate the problem into a test project and send the test project to us. See here for more details:


Once we have that we will be happy to investigate further.


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