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EO.WebBrowser - memory consumption Options
Posted: Wednesday, October 11, 2017 6:02:29 PM
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It's my hardware and EO.WebBrowser in use. The application is WPF window with browser control inside it. Website is a single page application (not mine) based on Angular framework. I've enabled EOWP because of EO.Base.ChildProcessOutOfMemoryException. The memory grows very fast till ~2Gb, then goes down to ~700Mb and grows again... (some kind of loop). CPU usage at that time stable 7-8% (on my laptop about 25%). Same SPA in Chrome consumes about 250Mb of the memory.
Posted: Thursday, October 12, 2017 8:15:39 AM
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You can try two things:

1. Delete your cache folder. By default this is in your temp folder starting with "eo.webbrowser". You can delete all folders starting with "eo.webbrowser";
2. Try to use our TabbedBrowser sample application to browse the same page and see if you see the same problem.

If the problem still occurs, then the problem might be related to the Chromium version we use. The current version of EO.WebBrowser is based on Chromium V54. As Chromium is being constantly optimized, the newer version might perform better. We are in the process of updating to Chromium V62 and if the problem still occurs after that, we will look further to see what's contributing to this significant gap.


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