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EO.WebBrowser -> Connection refused Options
Posted: Thursday, July 5, 2018 2:02:59 AM
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I am doing some Google Auth in webbrowser. Basically the flow is that I am sent to google address that then redirect to the local address and port that I have specified. In my case http://localhost:9999

The url might look like this:


This port is open and I can do the same redirect in external browser like Chrome. But in EO.WebBrowser I get error:

ErrorCode ConnectionRefused {-102} EO.WebBrowser.ErrorCode
ErrorMessage "A connection attempt was refused."

Is there any security setting preventing EO.WebBrowser from doing this?
Posted: Thursday, July 5, 2018 9:21:10 AM
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This has to do with Google and we have no way of telling you what they are not happy about. The initial connection to accounts.google.com should always succeed --- however the authentication step can fail and can cause Google to refuse further connection, or for some reason the next server (apps.googleusercontent.com) could refuse the connection and the refusal got propagated back to you. I would suggest you to compare the traffic between regular Chrome browser and EO.WebBrowser to see if you can find the difference. This should not have anything particular to do with EO.WebBrowser.


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