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React.js Options
Posted: Friday, September 7, 2018 10:39:14 AM
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I am using your webviewer control.

My goal is to go to a particular website and get values from that website.

However the website is using React.

i'm using an add-in in my normal chrome browser called Redux which can parse the information from within the chrome browsesr itself.... BUT i need to get access to the elements / data from within dotnet.

The redux add-in shows everything in JSON... which would be perfect. I'm not sure how React transmits data back and forth... maybe json as well?

I would think that js would be able to access the in memory react data??? If i save the web page to a file, here's an example of the html (not the json) that is shown: <input name="eTest" data-test="eTest" class="form-control" value="123456">
no worky: document.getElementbyId("eTest").innerHTML.value or document.getElementbyId("eTest").value
Notice there isn't an ID field. So using your webview1.evalscript.... i can't seem to get the value 123456.
That would be a great first step.

If i could get the entire JSON that would be AWESOME!!!

Any thoughts?
Thank you very much for your assistance!
Posted: Friday, September 7, 2018 2:35:06 PM
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Using EvalScript is the correct way to do this ---- but you will need to work out the JavaScript yourself. We do not provide any technical support regarding how to implement a certain features in your Web page nor any particular support on JavaScript code itself because these are generic web programming questions. So this is something you will need to resolve yourself.


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