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How can I get response content? Options
Posted: Tuesday, October 8, 2019 6:04:55 AM
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Joined: 10/4/2019
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Hello, I'm using AfterReceiveHeadersEvent to get "application/json" response. I can get headers, contentType, statusCode etc. But how to get json content?
Posted: Tuesday, October 8, 2019 10:04:48 AM
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Joined: 5/27/2007
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You will not be able to get the response contents directly from the browser engine because for most pages the browser engine never has the full response contents. This is because the browser engine is highly optimized and it parses the contents chunk by chunk as it receives them. Once a chunk of the raw contents data is parsed, it is immediately discarded.

If you must intercept the response contents, you can use a custom resource handler to fetch the resource in your own code in entirety, then pass this entire response down to the browser engine. Obviously this would have a negative impact on performance since it would lose both the key optimization step mentioned above, but also other optimizations by the loader layer. However it would allow you to inspect/modify the response since your code would have the response before the browser engine can have it.

See here for more details on custom resource handler:


Hope this helps.


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