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EO Webcontrol fails for 2nd process with version 20.3.63 Options
Posted: Monday, January 11, 2021 4:03:57 AM
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When upgrading EO.BrowserControl from 20.3.34 to 20.3.63 a 2nd exe also using the browser control fails with the error message

Can not find or automatically create eowp.exe. Please place this file in the same directory as EO.Base.dll and make sure...
The process cannot access the file C:\<USERDIR>\AppData\Local\Temp\eowp.

Downgrading to any lower version as above mentioned e.g. 20.3.34 shows no issue.

Sequence to start
WebBrowserRuntime.DefaultEngineOptions.CachePath = cachePath;
WebBrowserRuntime.DefaultEngineOptions.DisableSpellChecker = true;

// https://www.essentialobjects.com/doc/common/eowp.aspx
BaseRuntime.EnableEOWP = true;

// https://www.essentialobjects.com/forum/postst8461_Disable-zoom-in-EoWebbrowser.aspx
var options = new WebEngineBrowserOptions
AllowZooming = false

// possible performance improvement. Decreases initial startup performance from 5sec to 3.5 sec.
Posted: Monday, January 11, 2021 9:47:36 AM
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We are aware of this problem. We will fix it as soon as possible.


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