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Memory Leak issue in 21.0.85 that has since been fixed? Options
Charlie McWilliams
Posted: Monday, June 7, 2021 3:24:14 PM
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We updated to version 21.0.85 and released to our production environment on 5/16/2021. After that deployment, we began noticing memory leak issues in multiple production environments. We were logging odd exceptions being thrown from within EO.pdf. We weren't sure if EO.pdf was the cause, but we deployed version 21.1.11 on 5/19 in case it was and the memory issues went away. Looking through the changelogs page, the only memory-related issue I'm seeing is something that was fixed in 21.0.85, not introduced. The details for 21.1.11 and 21.0.94 do not mention anything else memory related specifically. Can someone please confirm for me that there was something introduced in 21.0.85 that could cause memory issues that was then fixed in 21.0.94 or 21.1.11?

Thank you.
Posted: Monday, June 7, 2021 4:41:29 PM
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I apologize for the issue. There was indeed a memory issue that was addressed in build 21.0.85 that is logged under "performance improvements". This is technically not a memory leak because the "lost" memory will be reclaimed after a long period of time. However in practice this does have the same result as a memory leak as it does hold the memory much longer than needed.

If you are planning to upgrade, please wait until our next build after 21.1.11. The new build is currently going through testing and if everything is smooth it can be out as early as tomorrow. It contains a number of important fixes that were reported to us recently.


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