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Linear and Circular Gauge Framework for WPF

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EO.Wpf Gauge is a framework that includes a number of gauge related controls as well as several built-in skins. It is also highly customizable which allows you to implement your own gauge designs.

EO.Wpf Gauge Screenshot

The important controls for EO.Wpf Gauge framework includes:

  • LinearScale

    LinearScale is a control used to create a linear scale that includes major ticks, minor ticks, major labels and minor labels. It provides extensive customization options such as interval of the ticks, the shape and template of the ticks and labels;

  • RollingScale

    A rolling scale is similar to a linear scale, but only with a small portion of the scale being visible;

  • CircularScale

    A circular scale arranges ticks and labels in a circular fashion, either on a full circle or a partial circle. A circular scale is suitable to create scales such as clocks and odometers;

  • LinearGaugeFrame

    A LinearGaugeFrame can be used to render an artistic rectangle frame for a gauge.

  • CircularGaugeFrame

    A CircularGaugeFrame can be used to render an artistic circular frame of several different kinds (full circle, half circle, quarter, or three quarters);

  • Marker

    A Marker is a ValueIndicator that can be used to mark a value on a linear or circular scale. The shape of the marker is template based;

  • Needle

    Needle is another type of ValueIndicator that can be used with CircularScale. At runtime, the CircularScale automatically rotate the Needle to the proper angle so that it points to the Value it represents.

  • Range

    The Range class can be used to highlight a range on a linear scale or a circular scale. You can use multiple ranges with different styles (for example, background color) to mark different ranges on the same scale;

Additional Resources

  • Product Documentation

    All features are explained in great details in the product documentation. It also contains complete reference information for each type, property or method;

  • Samples

    The download package contains a wide variety of samples with full C# and Visual Basic.NET source code that demonstrate how to use different feature of the EO.Wpf library.

  • Technical Support

    Still have questions? Post in our support forum or contact us and we will answer them quickly. Our turn around time is among the best in the industry.