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EO.WebBrowser - Embed Chrome Browser Engine in your .NET application

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Chrome based Browser Engine for .NET

EO.WebBrowser is a web browser engine based on Google's Chromium project but with native .NET programming interface --- don't worry, it's not a wrapper around the Chrome browser installed on your machine. In fact EO.WebBrowser has the whole browser engine embedded inside a single .NET DLL. In another word, it has zero external dependency. Just reference and use.

Why use EO.WebBrowser?

  • Based on Google's Chrome Project

    EO.WebBrowser uses the same core Google's Chrome and Apple Safari uses. It does not rely on IE. The engine is much faster and safer.

  • Zero External Dependency

    What if user updates/uninstall their browser? What if user disables JavaScript in Internet Explorer's settings dialog? These questions does not exist with EO.WebBrowser because everything is embedded inside our DLL files.

  • Native .NET components written in C#

    Because it's written in .NET, you can use it with any .NET based language/development tool. The same DLL works for both 32 bit and 64 bit environments;

  • Easy to use Programming Interface

    EO.WebBrowser offers core components that can be used in any Windows application, as well as wrapper controls for both Windows Forms applications and WPF applications;

  • Extensive Customization Options

    EO.WebBrowser offers extensive customization options that allow you to customize context menu, hot keys, JavaScript dialogs, file dialogs, focus and window control. Together these features allow you to seamlessly integrate the browser engine into your application;

  • .NET code -> JavaScript code

    Turn any web page into an integral part of your application -- both visually and programmatically. You can execute JavaScript code and access all the JavaScript objects directly from your .NET code. Access their properties or even call a JavaScript function are all different options available to you;

  • JavaScript code -> .NET code

    Things always go both ways --- and this is reflected in our programming interface as well. You can call JavaScript code from .NET code, and the other way around is also true --- you can call .NET code from your JavaScript code. This allows your Web page to seamlessly interact with the host application;

  • Custom Resource Handler

    Want to keep an eye on everything? Or want to keep everything to yourself? We got you covered. EO.WebBrowser offers ability to intercept and modify all requests that originate from the browser engine. For example, you can automatically deny all request sent to a specific host. It also offers you the ability to implement custom protocols or custom resource handlers. For example, you can implement a custom request handler to load images from your database instead of a Web server;

Additional Resources

  • Product Documentation

    All features are explained in great details in the product documentation. It also contains complete reference information for each type, property or method;

  • Samples

    The download package contains a wide variety of samples with full C# and Visual Basic.NET source code that demonstrate how to use different feature of the EO.WebBrowser library.

  • Technical Support

    Still have questions? Post in our support forum or contact us and we will answer them quickly. Our turn around time is among the best in the industry.