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EO.Base Namespace
Class Description
BaseException Provides base classes for various exception classes.
BaseObject This class is offers internal low-level services to derived class and is the base class of most classes in the EO.Pdf Library.
BaseObjectCollection<T> Represents a collection of BaseObjects.
BaseObjectCollectionWrapper<TWrapper,TItem> Provides a convenient wrapper around a BaseObjectCollection<T> of objects of a base classes but actually only stores objects of a certain derived class.
ChildProcessOutOfMemoryException Occurs when a child process reports an out of memory error.
CrashDataEventArgs Provides additional informtion for CrashDataAvailable event.
DiagnosticTools Provides helper diagnostic functions.
ExceptionEventArgs Provides additional informtion for Exception event.
ManualTask A WaitableTask object that can be manually marked as completed.
ProxyInfo Specifies proxy information.
Runtime Provides global settings for all Essential Objects products.
ThreadRunnerBase Helper class to run task in a worker thread.
WaitableTask Provides the base class for a browser related task that can complete asynchronously.
Delegate Description
Action Encapsulates a method that has no parameters and does not return a value.
Action<T> Encapsulates a method that has a single parameter of type T and does not return a value.
ActionWithResult Encapsulates a method that has no parameters and return a single value.
CrashDataEventHandler Represents the method that will handle CrashDataAvailable event.
ExceptionEventHandler Represents the method that will handle Exception event.
Enumeration Description
ProxyType Specifies proxy type.

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