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EO.Web Namespace
Class Description
AJAXPostedFile AJAXPostedFile class contains information of a posted file.
AJAXPostedFileList AJAXPostedFileList maintains the final file list for an AJAXUploader control.
AJAXUploader EO.Web AJAXUploader is a file-upload component providing a highly customizable interface to upload files asynchrously to the web server.
AJAXUploaderProgressDialog Represents a Dialog object that is used to display AJAXUploader uploading progress.
ASPXToPDF Provides a convenient way to render ASPX page output as PDF.
BaseMenuItem Represents the abstract parent class of MenuItem and TabItem. This class is for internal use only.
BaseMenuItemGroup Represents base class for both MenuGroup and TabItemGroup.
BaseNavigator Serves as base class that defines the methods, properties and events common to all EO.Web navigation controls.
BorderImages Provides a list of images used to create customized borders for the control.
ButtonColumn Represents a column with a link button or a push button.
Calendar Provides an easy way to represent time in divisions, such as weeks, months, and years. Calendar control represents a static calendar which will be displayed by default.
CalendarDay Represents a date in the Calendar control.
Callback Callback control delivers capability to perform server side postback through AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) call back request without reloading the whole page.
CallbackEventArgs Provides data for Callback.Execute event.
CallbackPanel CallbackPanel control delivers capability to update any ASP.NET controls inside the CallbackPanel through AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)without refreshing the entire page. With CallbackPanel, complex content can be updated from server "in live" and end user has a better experience.
CallbackTrigger Represents a CallbackTrigger control which contains information of the control that can trigger the callback.
CallbackTriggerCollection Represents a collection of CallbackTrigger objects.
Captcha Automatically generates an image that can be used to test whether the client is a human or a computer.
CheckBoxColumn Represents a checkbox column.
ClientTemplate Represents a client side template.
ColorPicker EO.Web ColorPicker offers an Adobe Photoshop style popup color picker for ASP.NET.
ComboBox A ComboBox displays a text box edit field combined with a ListBox, enabling the user to select items from the list or to enter new text.
Consts Defines constants used by EO.Web controls.
ContextMenu Represents a ContextMenu object. A context menu is bound to a specific control or DHTML element and is displayed when user right clicks on the control or element.
Control Serves as base class that defines the methods, properties and events common to all EO.Web controls that do not have user interface specific features.
ControlFrame ControlFrame creates an image based frame.
CustomColumn Represents a column that allows you to customize the format and the editing UI of in the column.
CustomItem Represents a CustomItem - a container control used to host ASP.NET controls and displays them in a navigation item.
DataBinding Represents mapping between data source field and navigation item's property. The mapping is used in data binding process to assign navigation item's property to the value specified in corresponding data source field.
DataBindingCollection Provides a collection of DataBinding objects.
DataBoundControl Serves as the base class for all EO.Web data-bound controls.
DateCollection Maintains a collection of DateTime objects.
DatePicker The control integrates a TextBox and a button to provide an easy way for end user to choose date(s) from Calendar.
DateTimeColumn Represents a column can be used to display/edit date/time values in a Grid.
DayRenderEventArgs Provides data for DayRender event.
DefaultClientTemplateAttribute Specifies the default value for a ClientTemplate property.
DeleteCommandColumn Represents a column with a delete button in the Grid.
DesignOptions Stores preview options associated with the control.
Dialog Provides an easy way to create, display and operate a dialog box.
Downloader EO.Web Downloader offers a fast and convenient way to add download functionalities.
DownloadEventArgs Provides data for the Download event.
DynamicDownloadContent Responsible for generating dynamic download contents.
EditableLabel Represents a static text that can be editted by clicking it.
EditCommandColumn Represents a column in a Grid control that contains Edit, Update and Cancel command buttons for editing data in each row.
Editor Represents an WYSIWYG HTML editor.
EditorDialogContent Represents the contents of a dialog used by the Editor control.
EditorDialogContentCollection EditorDialogContentCollection is a collection of EditorDialogContent objects.
EditorDialogTemplate Represents an editor dialog template.
EditorDialogTemplateCollection EditorDialogTemplateCollection is a collection of EditorDialogTemplate objects.
EditorStyle Represents a text style that can be applied to editor contents.
EditorStyleCollection EditorStyleCollection is a collection of EditorStyle object.
EditorTabButtonStyles Specifies styles for the Design/HTML/Preview tab buttons for an editor.
Effect Specifies the effect to display when a submenu expands or collapses.
ElementPaddings Represents paddings around a Web UI element.
ElementStyle ElementStyle class contains CSS style settings for a specific Web UI element.
Emoticon Represents an emoticon.
FileExplorer Renders UI that is similar to Windows File Explorer for user to browse or upload a file on the server.
FileExplorerEventArgs Provides data for events raised by the FileExplorer control.
FileExplorerHolder Interacts with a FileExplorer control in a separate web page to support delay loading of a FileExplorer control.
Floater Floater floats its content out of its ordinary page layout and anchor them to an anchor element.
Flyout Creates a fly-out popup.
FontInfo This class maintains the CSS attributes specific to font.
Grid Represents a Grid control that allows you to select, sort, reorder and edit items.
GridCell Represents a cell in the grid.
GridCellCollection Represents a collection of GridCell objects.
GridColumn Serves as the base class for all columns for an EO.Web Grid control.
GridColumnCollection GridColumnCollection class is a collection of GridColumn objects.
GridColumnEventArgs Provides data for Grid.ColumnSort event.
GridCommandEventArgs Provides data for events related to Grid.ItemCommand event.
GridItem Represents an item in the Grid.
GridItemCollection Represents a collection of GridItem objects.
GridItemEventArgs Provides data for events related to GridItem object.
GridItemStyleSet Represents a set of styles used to set the appearance of items in a grid.
GridItemStyleSetCollection Represents a collection of GridItemStyleSet object.
ImageButtonInfo Contains information about an image button.
ImageInfo Contains information about an image.
ImageZoom Dynamically zooms in and out an image.
InlineStyle This class maintains a collection of CSS style attributes.
ListBox Represents a list of items.
ListBoxItem Represents an item in the ListBox control.
ListBoxItemCollection Represents a collection of ListBoxItem objects.
ListBoxItemContainer The container control for each ListBoxItem object.
ListItemEventArgs Provides data for events related to ListBoxItem object.
LookItemCollection Maintains all look items for a navigation control.
MaskedEdit Provides an enhanced text box that can restrict user input to certain patterns.
MaskedEditColumn Represents a Grid column that uses a MaskedEdit control to edit cell data.
MaskedEditSegment Represents a segment in a MaskedEdit control.
MaskedEditSegmentCollection MaskedEditSegmentCollection maintains a collection of MaskedEditSegment objects.
MaskedEditValidator Used to validate the input of the associated MaskedEdit control.
Menu Represents the functionality of a menu control.
MenuGroup Represents a group of MenuItems.
MenuItem Represents a menu item in a menu control.
MenuItemCollection MenuItemCollection class is a collection of MenuItem objects.
MenuItemImages This class is used by BaseMenuItem's Image property to specify a collection of images that are used to display in an item for different states and how the images are displayed in the item.
MenuLookItemCollection MenuItemLookCollection maintains all look items.
MsgBox Displays a modal message box.
MsgBoxButton Represents a message box button.
MultiPage Represents the functionality of a MultiPage control which maintains a collection of PageView controls.
MultiPageEventArgs Provides data for the PageSelected and PageDeselected event.
NavigationItem Represents a NavigationItem in a BaseNavigator.
NavigationItemCollection NavigationItemCollection class is a collection of NavigationItem objects.
NavigationItemEventArgs Provides data for various NavigationItem events.
NavigationItemGroup Represents a group of NavigationItems.
NavigationItemImages Represents images displayed on an item when item is in different states.
NavigationItemText Represents the main text body of a NavigationItem object.
PageContextMenu Represents a PageContextMenu object.
PageView Represents a page in a MultiPage control.
PageViewCollection Represents a collection of PageView controls.
PathMapping Provide information to map an external path to a URL.
PathMappingCollection A collection of PathMapping object.
PopupCalendar Provides an easy way to represent time in divisions, such as weeks, months, and years. PopupCalendar control represents a dynamic calendar which will be displayed by client side JavaScript.
ProgressBar A ProgressBar is a graphical component that provides information about the status of a given task.
ProgressTaskEventArgs Provides data for any events that are related to a server side task associated to a ProgressBar control.
RangeSlider Represents a control that lets the user select a value range from a range of values by moving two thumbs along a track.
Rating Creates a rating control.
RowNumberColumn Represents a column that displays row numbers.
Runtime Provides a set of EO.Web runtime related services.
ScriptEvent Provides a conveinent way to trigger server side event from JavaScript.
ScriptManager EO.Web ScriptManager manages client side script for a page that uses one or more EO.Web Controls.
Slide Creates a slide show like UI.
SlideItem Represents an item in a Slide control.
SlideItemCollection Represents a collection of SlideItem control.
SlideItemEventArgs Provides data for ItemDataBound events.
SlideMenu Represents an EO.Web SlideMenu object.
Slider Represents a control that lets the user select a single value from a range of values by moving a thumb along a track.
SliderBase SliderBase is the base class for both Slider and RangeSlider.
SliderLabel Represents a label for a Slider or a RangeSlider control.
SliderLabelCollection Represents a collection of SliderLabel objects.
SpecialLookIDs This class defines the names of the built-in look IDs.
SpellChecker Represents a spell checker control.
SpellCheckerDialog Represents a dialog used by a SpellChecker control to display suggestions.
SpellCheckerEventArgs Provides event data for a SpellChecker event.
Splitter Represents a splitter control that hosts resizable SplitterPane control.
SplitterPane Represents a resizable pane in a Splitter control.
StaticColumn Represents a column that displays static text.
TabItem Represents a tab item in a TabStrip control.
TabItemCollection Represents a collection of TabItem objects.
TabItemGroup Represents a group of TabItems.
TabLookItemCollection Represents a collection of TabStrip's "Look" items.
TabStrip EO.Web TabStrip offers multi-tab functionality to navigate ASP.NET Web pages.
TemplatedPopup Represents a template based popup.
TextBoxColumn Representing a text box column.
ToolBar Represents a tool bar control.
ToolBarEventArgs Provides data for the ItemClick event.
ToolBarItem Represents a tool bar item.
ToolBarItemCollection Represents a collection of ToolBarItem objects.
ToolTip Creates a tooltip.
TreeLookNodeCollection Represents a collection of TreeView's "Look" nodes.
TreeNode Represents a tree node in a TreeView control.
TreeNodeCheckStateChangedEventArgs Provides data for ItemCheckStateChanged event.
TreeNodeCollection TreeNodeCollection class is a collection of TreeNode objects.
TreeNodeGroup Represents a group of TreeNodes.
TreeNodeMovedEventArgs Provides data for any events that occur when a user has moved a node.
TreeNodeRenameEventArgs Provides data for any events that occur when a user has edited the text of a tree node.
TreeView Represents hierarchical data in a tree structure.
TreeViewCheckBoxImages Represents images displayed on a TreeNode when the TreeNode is in different CheckStates.
TreeViewLineImages Represents all images to display to render line structure for TreeView.
TreeViewMargin Represents a class that controls the left margin of a TreeView.
WebControl Serves as base class that defines the methods, properties and events common to all EO.Web controls that have user interface specific features and EO.Web specific features.
WebControlBase Serves as base class that defines the methods, properties and events common to all EO.Web controls that have user interface specific features.


Structure Description
NullableBool A boolean value with True, False and Null.
Shortcut A structure used to configure the shortcut key.
Delegate Description
CallbackEventHandler Represents the method that handles Callback.Execute event.
DayRenderEventHandler Represents the method that handles DayRender event.
DownloadEventHandler Represents the method that handles the Download event.
FileExplorerEventHandler Represents the method that handles events raised by the FileExplorer control.
GridColumnEventHandler Represents the method that handles event that references to a GridColumn.
GridCommandEventHandler Represents the method that handles Grid.ItemCommand event.
GridItemEventHandler Represents the method that handles event that references to a GridItem.
ListItemEventHandler Represents the method that handles event that references to a ListBoxItem.
MultiPageEventHandler Represents the method that handles the PageSelected and PageDeselected events.
NavigationItemEventHandler Represents the method that handles event that references to a navigation item.
ProgressTaskEventHandler Represents the method that will handle any events that are raised during a server side task associated with a ProgressBar control.
SlideItemEventHandler Represents the method that handles event that references to a slide item.
SpellCheckerEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the SpellChecker's CustomWord event.
ToolBarEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the ItemClick event.
TreeNodeCheckStateChangedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle any events that are raised after a user has edited the text of a tree node.
TreeNodeMovedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle any events that are raised after a user has moved a tree node.
TreeNodeRenamedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle any events that are raised after a user has edited the text of a tree node.
Enumeration Description
BackgroundRepeat Specifies how a background image tiles.
CalendarSwapStyle Specifies the style to switch Calendar from one page to another.
CalendarTitleTemplateScope Specifies the scope of the title template for a Calendar control.
CalendarWeekNumberBase Specifies whether the Calendar/DatePicker should display week number based on month or year.
CallbackPanelUpdateMode Represents the possible update modes for the contents in an CallbackPanel control.
CallbackQueueMode Specifies how the incoming callback requests are queued if the current request is in progress.
CaptchaCharSet Specifies the character set used to generate the text in the CAPTCHA image.
CaptchaImageStorage Specifies where the image is stored.
CaptchaNoiseLevel Specifies the CAPTCHA noise level.
CheckState Specifies the check state of a control, e.g, a TreeNode.
ColorModel Represents a color model.
DatePickerPopupTrigger Specifies which action triggers the date picker to display the popup.
DialogState Defines the initial state of a Dialog when the webpage that contains it is loaded.
DragDropScope Specifies the drag drop scope.
EditorMode Specifies the HTML Editor mode.
EditorPasteFilter Specifies the type of the filter to be applied when user pastes text into the editor.
EditorToolBarSet Specifies the toolbar set used by the editor.
EffectType Specifies the effect type.
ExpandDirection Specifies the direction to which submenu expands.
ExpandOnClickState Used by Menu.ExpandOnClick property to specify how a submenu is expanded when mouse is clicked.
FloaterGlideMode Specifies whether a Floater should play glide effect when it moves.
FloaterScrollMode Specifies whether a Floater control scrolls along with the page.
GridColumnDataType Specifies the data type of a grid column.
ImageZoomEffectType Specifies zoom in and zoom out effect type.
ImageZoomPosition Specifies horizontal or vertical positioning mode for an ImageZoom control.
LineBreakMode Specifies line break mode for the Editor control.
MaskedEditSegmentType Specifies the segment type of a MaskedEditSegment object.
ImageMode Specifies displaying mode of the images defined in MenuItemImages.
ModifierKeys Specifies the set of modifier keys.
MsgBoxButtonType Specifies the type of message box button.
NavigationItemSearchOptions Defines the flags to control SearchItems behaviors.
NavigatorAutoSelectSource Used by AutoSelectSource to control how a navigation control automatically selects navigation items.
NavigatorAutoSelectTarget When the event specified by AutoSelectSource happens, use this property to specify what kind of matching navigation item's Selected property should be set to true.
Orientation Specifies the orientation of the item group.
OverlapAlign Specifies the alignment of the adjacent icons in two neighbor items when they overlap with each other.
OverlapDirection Specifies the overlapping direction when adjacent icons in two neighbor items overlap with each other.
RatingPrecision Specifies rating precisions.
ReadingDirection Specifies the content reading order.
RunningMode Specifies the running mode of a Grid control.
ScrollBars Specifies which scroll bars will be visible on a control.
SlideMenuEffect Specifies the effect played when a sliding pane in a SlideMenu expands or collapses.
SliderTickPosition Specifies slider tick mark or label position.
SortOrder Specifies the sorting order.
SplitterButtonAlignment Specifies splitter button alignments.
SplitterPaneState Represents splitter pane state.
SubMenuIconSource Specifies which icon should be used to indicate if a menu item has submenu.
SubMenuPositionConfine Used by SubMenuPositionConfine property to specify how the position of a submenu is aligned so that its submenu is displayed within a certain boundary.
ToolBarItemTextAlign Specifies how tool bar item text are aligned.
ToolBarItemType Specifies the type of the tool bar item.
ToolTipAnimation Specifies tooltip animation.
TopLevelItemAlign Specifies how navigation items in a horizontal navigation group are aligned.
TreeViewSingleExpandMode Specifies the single expand mode for a TreeView.

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