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 The same content in Microsoft HTML help file format is included in the download package.

EO.Pdf is a .NET class library for you to create PDF files. The core features include:

HTML to PDF. HTML to PDF offers the easiest way to create a PDF file based on any HTML file, Url or markup.

PDF Creator. PDF Creator offers a set of easy to use and intuitive objects for you to create PDF file programmatically.

PDF Reader. EO.Pdf can read existing PDF file. Once a file is loaded, you can modify, split, merge or encrypt it.

PDF Page Extractor. This feature allows you to extract one or more pages from an existing PDF file.

PDF Splitter. PDF Splitter allows you to split a single PDF file into multiple PDF files covering different page ranges in a single line of code.

PDF Merger. PDF Merger can merge multiple files into a single PDF file.

PDF Encrypter/Decrypter. EO.Pdf can read and write encrypted PDF files.

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