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Understanding Segments

EO.Web MaskedEdit supports multiple segments with each of them having any of the following segment types:

  • Literal. Literal segment are read-only segment in the textbox;
  • Number. Use number segment to enter numeric values;
  • Choice. Use choice segment to enter choice values;
  • Mask. Use mask segment to specify a mask value;

One can use EO.Web MaskedEdit to implement sophisticated patterns by combining these segment types. For example, consider a date time text box with the following format:

(4 digits year)-(Month Name)-(2 digits days)

Valid inputs can be "2001-January-01", "2005-March-31", etc. It can be implemented with 5 segments:

Segment Remarks
Mask With Mask set to "0000", this segment requires 4 numbers. EO.Web MaskedEdit supports many masking elements.
Literal with Text set to "-", this segment is a read only segment.
Choice With Choices set to a list of names of the twelve months (January, February, etc), user can not directly type in this segment, instead they can only choose one of the choice item.
Literal with Text set to "-", this segment is a read only segment
Number With MinValue set to "1" and MaxValue set to "31", this segment is used to enter the 2 digits day of the month. Using a Number segment instead of a Mask segment allows a minimum value and maximum value to be set.

When EO.Web MaskedEdit only uses one Mask segment, it is similar to a traditional MaskedEdit control, except that EO.Web MaskedEdit Mask segment supports a large number of mask elements.

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