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EO.Pdf 2011.2.95 posted Options
Posted: Monday, December 12, 2011 10:05:06 AM
Rank: Administration
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Joined: 5/27/2007
Posts: 22,623
This build includes the following bug fixes/enhancements:

1. Fixed bullet points are only visible on the first page problem;
2. Fixed various problems for automatically repeating table header/footer across multiple page;
3. Changed HtmlToPdfOptions members from field to property so that its possible to use them in certain environments that can only interact through properties;
4. Fixed an issue where incorrect font names were generated when embed font is turned off;
5. Fixed merging PDF file not correctly handle diacritic marks problem;
6. Fixed a thread safety issue when multiple conversion running in multiple threads;
7. Fixed a GDI handle leak issue;
8. Fixed several PDF-A compatibility issues;
9. Fixed a text spacing issues when “text-align:justify” is applied;
10. Added HtmlToPdfOptions.GeneratePageImages options to automatically generate page images during the conversion;
11. Add automatic impersonation support. It is no longer necessary to use EOPDFSP to bypass impersonation issues;
12. Fixed a bug where conversion can time out if ConvertHtml/ConvertUrl was called continuously for multiple times;
13. Fixed a bug where SVG image transform was not properly handled;
14. Removed EO.Pdf.Lite.dll;


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