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EO.Web Controls 2012 Released! Options
Posted: Friday, May 18, 2012 8:42:32 PM
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EO.Web Controls 2012 is here! This build officially supports touch devices such as iPad. Many controls that extensively rely on mouse (such as the Grid) now natively support touch gestures.

In addition, four new controls are introduced in this release: ToolTip, Rating, Slider and RangeSlider. Take a look and let us know what you think:


This release also contains the following bug fixes/enhancements over the previous update:

1. Fixed changing ClientIDMode on .NET 4 causing some controls stops working issue;
2. Added additional argument to eo_SetComboboxValue client method to specify whether the call should close the ComboBox drop down or not;
3. Added embedded image support for the Editor control;
4. Fixed activating an ImageZoom control inside a dialog would cancel the dialog's back shade issue;
5. Fixed Captcha control sometimes update multiple times when user only click Refresh once problem;
6. Fixed ListBox control losing styles if placed inside a CallbackPanel problem;
7. Fixed SpellChecker control would stop working if placed inside a UserControl problem;
8. Fixed SpellChecker not correctly handle certain diacritic marks problem;
9. Fixed Grid control not correctly save/restore state of controls inside EditorTemplate for CustomColumns problem; 10. Fixed Calendar GridLineColor not working on IE 9 problem;
11. Fixed Editor removing other properties of a text block after changing the text color on IE 9 problem;
12. Fixed an issue where placing our controls inside a page would trigger data binding for other non-visible controls in the page issue;
13. Changed the code to allow a disabled TreeNode to be expanded/collapsed. Previously a disabled tree node can not be expanded;
14. Fixed calling ComboBox.setText client side function causing a JavaScript error problem;
15. Fixed AJAX Uploader sometimes incorrectly causing time out problem;

If you have purchased EO.Web within one year, you can upgrade to this release for free (not including new controls). You will need to revisit your license key page to download a new license file/key for this release. If you are qualified for the free upgrade, a new license key link should be available on that page for this release. Please see your license key page for detailed instructions.


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