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EO.Web 2012.0.43 posted! Options
Posted: Sunday, October 21, 2012 4:31:11 PM
Rank: Administration
Groups: Administration

Joined: 5/27/2007
Posts: 22,623
This build contains the following bug fixes/improvements:

1. Added client side API to get the root DOM element for a ListBoxItem;
2. Fixed Grid dynamic column loses styles during post back issue;
3. Added EmptyDataText property to the Grid control;
4. Added ability to access dialog back shadow DOM element so that user can customize the back shadow style;
5. Fixed TabStrip creating wrong overlapping tab button image for an enabled tab item and an disabled tab item issue;
6. Fixed TreeView drag and drop indicator line rendered as white (should be black) on IE 9 issue;
7. Fixed EO.Web Controls causing certain JavaScript code that uses “for … in” statement to enumerate array member to fail problem (Crystal Report was among one of the affected) ;
8. Fixed Grid sometimes incorrectly scroll the header row when scrolling contents problem;
9. Fixed if a Dialog contains a DatePicker and the Dialog closes, the DatePicker drop down won’t automatically close issue;
10. Fixed Calendar/DatePicker cannot correctly handle Brazilian day light saving time issue;
11. Fixed MaskedEdit control not triggering MaskedEditValidator when losing focus issue. Previously the validator is only triggered when the page posts back;
12. Fixed ComboBox drop down is displayed behind the dialog even when the ComBox inside the dialog issue;
13. Fixed Grid keyboard navigation would tab stop on invisible column issue;
14. Fixed TreeView does not correctly move all child nodes when one node is dragged into another node under certain scenarios issue;
15. Fixed clicking a cell in a fixed column in a Grid resulting in selecting the full row even if the Grid’s FullRowMode is set to false issue. In this case clicking the cell should do nothing;
16. Fixed ColorPicker displays the color slider upside down when “Use Web Safe color only” is selected issue;


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