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Grid Record Selector Options
Posted: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 12:17:14 PM
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Could a feature (column type) be added to the grid columns similar to the RowNumberColumn with the following functions:

A image like ► that points to the current row item of the grid. When a user clicks the record selector for a row, that row is selected and highlighted.

To delete a row, the user selects the row to be deleted by clicking its record selector, then pressing the DEL key. Only 1 row can be deleted at a time. The ClientSideOnItemCommand() on the client side could be used ask the user to confirm the delete the delete operation. A possible double click on the row selector could also be used to delete a row in the grid (i.e. for touch screen devices).

Another image to be displayed in the record selector could be a edit image (a pencil like image) when the current row is in an edit mode to give user visual feedback.

This Row Selector column could be used in place of a Edit/DeleteComanndColumn.

It could also be added to the grid and keep coding compatibility with existing code as to not impose any changes for developers.

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