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EO.Total 2013.0.78 posted! Options
Posted: Monday, March 10, 2014 5:05:27 PM
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Joined: 5/27/2007
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This build includes the following bug fixes/improvements:

1. Fixed the TreeView control renders extra spaces between tree line segments when doc mode is set to strict issue;
2. Fixed SpellChecker won’t automatically advance to the next textbox if the previous text box’s last wrong word were added to the custom dictionary issue;
3. Fixed the GridItem.ensureVisible client side function does not work properly if the height of the fixed items are different from that of the regular items issue;
4. Changed SpellChecker to support both “xx-XX” and “xx_XX” (xx-XX is the locale name) dictionary folders. Previously it only supports “xx_XX” format;
5. Changed CallbackPanel.Redirect to support IE 11. Previously this function does not work properly on IE 11;
6. Added code to automatically detect dictionary file encoding for SpellChecker control, so that it can properly decode non-ASCII characters in the dictionary file;
7. Updated HTML Editor control to support IE 11;
8. Fixed setting ScriptManager.CombineJSFiles to true causing JavaScript error issue;
9. Fixed Calendar displays shadow at the wrong position in Chrome browser issue;
10. Fixed Menu control displays cross frame sub menu at the wrong position in Chrome and Safari browser issue;
11. Updated DatePicker to clear value correctly when the “X” button for the textbox is clicked;
12. Updated the Editor control to display table lines at design time for Chrome and Safari browser. In older versions only IE/FireFox display table lines;
13. Fixed Calendar.DayCellHeight does not work properly on IE 11 issue;
14. Added SourceUrl to DynamicDownloadContent class to help user locate the source of the error if a problem occurs;
15. Fixed an issue where the Grid control sometimes cannot render rows correctly after some rows have been deleted;


1. Fixed resaving file losing certain field alignment settings issue;
2. Fixed custom check mark symbol previously set in the PDF file were not kept after filling in field value issue;
3. Fixed certain lines disappearing after zooming in with Google Chrome’s built-in PDF viewer issue;
4. Fixed various issues with SVG gradient rendering;
5. Fixed an issue where BeforeRenderPage event were fired for all pages in the PDF file, instead of only for those pages that were created by EO library;
6. Fixed HtmlToPdf.Options.AutoScaleY not working properly for ConvertHtml issue;
7. Fixed PDF files created by MVCToPDF cannot be displayed by Safari browser on Mac issue;
8. Fixed PdfPage.Size returns negative values when the “CropBox” values in the PDF file has a inverted value issue;
9. Fixed custom font stops working after repeatingly converting the same page issue;
10. Fixed an issue where EO.Pdf incorrectly returns a PdfGenericField object instead of a PdfRadioButtonField for radio buttons in the PDF file;


A great amount of updates and enhancements have been done on EO.WebBrowser control since its initial release. The most important changes are:
1. Updated the code base from that of Google Chrome v29 to the current Google Chrome code base (v33);
2. Fixed various deadlock and crash issues;
3. Fixed a number of issues related to file upload and custom cookies;
4. Fixed RegisterJSExtensionFunciton not working properly issue;
5. Added EO.WebBrowser.DOM namespace that provides strong typed wrapper class for common DOM objects such as window and document object;
6. Vastly improved loading progress tracking ability. For example, you can now use LoadUrlAndWait to load the Url and wait for it to finish loading, instead of running a loop and check a number of properties to ensure that it’s loaded;
7. Improved error message as well as allowing custom error message;
8. Added Direct3D support which enables certain features such as web-kit-transforms;
9. Added BrowserOptions class allowing user to set various options on WebView instance level, such as XSS auditor and cross frame script check;
10. Added support to custom scheme such as “mailto” and allow user to custom handle these schemes;
This build also contains many minor incremental changes and fixes. For example, a new property UserAgent is added to WebView to allow user to use a custom user agent directly, where as with previous version while it was possible to achieve the same goal, user must handle BeforeRequest event and explicitly overrides the “User-Agent” header item.


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