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EO.Total 2013.0.107 posted! Options
Posted: Tuesday, July 1, 2014 10:54:14 PM
Rank: Administration
Groups: Administration

Joined: 5/27/2007
Posts: 22,623
This build contains the following bug fixes/improvements:


1. Fixed a problem where sometimes Dialog does not position correctly in Chrome;
2. Added EnableKeyboard navigation to GridColumn so that keyboard navigation can be disabled on per column basis;
3. Added support to UploadButtonText, CancelButtonText and DeleteButtonText even if the Uploader uses custom template;
4. Fixed various issues related to copy and paste with Editor control;
5. Fixed an issue where the popup Menu control does not open properly if placed inside a ComboBox;
6. Added support to custom data types for GridColumn;
7. Changed Grid to automatically sort initial user data based on the initial value of GridColumn.SortOrder;
8. Fixed Downloader control not working when placed in CallbackPanel issue;
9. Enhanced MaskedEdit control to automatically select item based on multiple keystroke. For example, for a Choice segment with all month names, user can type "a" to select "April", but if user continues to type "u", it will automatically select "August";
10. Fixed " _destroyTree" not found script error when using CallbackPanel on ASP.NET 4.0;


1. Added range checking code to avoid "index out of range" error when using EO.Pdf loading some PDF files with invalid bookmark destination arguments;
2. Added support for PDF file that has multiple widgets associated to a single textbox field. Previous builds cannot correctly read or update such text field;
3. Added range checking code to avoid font size out of range problem;
4. Fixed a problem where the output PDF file renders a thin line for some elements whose border has explicitly set to 0px;
5. Added PdfContent.TextLeading to allow user to set text leading;
6. Added support for a single text box field that appears in multiple pages;


1. Fixed keyboard shortcut not working properly when keyboard focus is not inside the WebView problem;
2. Fixed several deadlock issuing that can cause EO.WebBrowser UI to freeze;
3. Fixed sometimes EO.WebBrowser throws EndOfStreamException when a WebView is closed/destroyed problem;
4. Changed the code to set a flag and then throw a regular RequestCanceledException in the custom resource processing thread instead of calling Thread.Abort to cause a ThreadAbortedException in that thread;
5. Fixed EO.WebBrowser sends duplicates "Accept" header entry problem;
6. Fixed Request.Url property does not contain the correct value after the Request has been redirected problem;
7. Fixed various problems with attaching custom cookies in WebView.BeforeRequestLoad event;
8. Added support for zooming by Ctrl + Mouse Wheel ;
9. Added FrameName property to BeforeRequestLoadEventArgs class;
10.Increased JavaScript engine stack size to avoid stack over flow error with deep JavaScript calls;
11.Added support to allow local file resource for LoadHtml if BrowserOptions.EnableWebSecurity is set to false;
12.Changed EO.WebBrowser to only enable visual style when calling built-in dialogs (such as open/save file dialog). Previously visual styles are automatically enabled for the whole application thus affecting non EO.WebBrowser UI;
13.Added ConsoleMessageEventArgs.Severity property. This property allows user code to distinguish whether a message is a JavaScript exception;
14.Fixed an issue where a WebView instance would crash and subsequently close;
15.Added BrowserOptions.UserStyleSheet property for user to "inject" additional style to the WebView;
16.Added interface to specify Google API key information in order to support certain Google services such as voice recognition service;
17.Fixed an issue where sometimes child process associated to a WebView does not close properly when the WebView is closed;
18.Fixed custom dialog (such as JavaScript alert dialog) blocking render UI thread thus causing render stops refreshing issue;
19.Added WebView.Closing event allowing user to intercept and cancel closure of a WebView;
20.Added WebView.UnloadDelay property allowing user to fine tune the amount of the time the WebView should be kept in memory after it has been closed;
21.Changed the root JavaScript variable for EO built-in API from "EO" to "eoWebBrowser" to avoid potential naming conflict;


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