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EO.Total 2014.0.21 posted! Options
Posted: Tuesday, September 30, 2014 11:04:55 AM
Rank: Administration
Groups: Administration

Joined: 5/27/2007
Posts: 22,623
This build includes the following improvements/fixes:


1. Fixed the converter not able to automatically scale a page when overflow is enabled on the HTML body element issue;
2. Added code to ensure additional working process to properly shutdown in case of certain unrecoverable situations such as out of memory exception;
3. Fixed a GDI resource leak related to custom font;
4. Added code to automatically save/restore HTML to PDF options between threads for ASPXToPDF when the same HTTP request switches between different threads;
5. Added support for setting font on AcmTextLayer. Previous setting font on an AcmTextLayer object results in crash;
6. Added support for running the converter in Fast CGI environment;
7. Added digital signature support;
8. Implemented additional memory optimization allowing the converter to process larger HTML files;
9. Fixed an error that sometimes the converter may throw "Generic GDI+ error" for certain images;
10.Fixed an issue where setting any permissions on the PDF file automatically disables high resolution printing. Setting other permissions should not affect high resolution printing permission;
11.Fixed an issue where for certain PDF files, additional output created by EO.Pdf is always invisible;
12.Fixed an issue where an HTML file's last line of text maybe missing from the result PDF file;


1. Added eoWebBrowser.getEventListeners method. This method can be used to retrieve a list of all event listeners registered to a specific DOM element;
2. Added custom cursor support through the newly implemented BrowserOptions.Cursor property;
3. Fixed Flash video playing sluggish problem;
4. Fixed built-in "Print" context menu not working issue;
5. Added WebView.Resize method. This method can be used to resize the WebView in off-screen mode (in on-screen mode the WebView is automatically resized to the containing window size);
6. Fixed EO.WebBrowser sometimes crashes with certain pages on Windows 2008 issue;
7. Added BrowserOptions.AllowZooming to allow user to enable/disable zooming when user holds down the Ctrl key and then press plus/minus or scroll mouse wheel;
8. Fixed a deadlock issue caused by LoadHtml/LoadUrl re-entering;
9. Fixed output not scaled correctly if system DPI is not 96 issue;
10.Fixed WebView.Capture with a Rectangle argument not correctly capture the specified rectangle area issue;
11.Added CustomUserAgent JavaScript side support. Previously setting WebView.CustomUserAgent only changes the corresponding HTTP header value, but not the value returned by navigator.UserAgent;
12.Added WebView.StartFindSession and StopAllFindSessions to support search inside a web page;
13.Fixed an issue where a request canceled through custom handler is not properly disposed, thus causing pending requests to accumulate and eventually stops the browser engine from accepting any new request;
14.Fixed LoadRequest not working inside Form_Load issue;
15.Renamed GetClientCertificate event to NeedClientCertificate in order to be consistent with similar events such as NeedCredentials;
16.Implemented multi-DLL build. The multi-DLL build contains multiple DLL files instead of a single EO.WebBrowser.dll. Multi-DLL build has larger DLL files and involves more files to deploy. However it loads faster and consumes less memory than the single DLL build;


1. Fixed an issue where MaskedEdit control may initialize earlier than it should and fails. In this case the MaskedEdit control stops functioning in the page;
2. Changed ProgressTaskEventArgs.UpdateProgress to return bool. Previously this function returns void. Adding the bool returning value allows caller to decide what to do if the progress bar has already been canceled;


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