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Load-On-Demand Options
Posted: Tuesday, June 26, 2007 7:36:06 AM
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I am looking for a menu control for a site built with the aspdotnetstorefront shopping cart and SQL database. The store has 40,000 SKUs with 8 top level categories and and nearly 2,000 subcategories 2 to 6 levels deep. 90% of the products are in more than one category. The individual 40,000 products would not be part of the menu, only the categories and subcategories. aspdotnetstorefront ships with componentart navigation, which is extremely slow with this many products and categories. Can EO handle this store? What kind of performance can we expect? And, what other factors would help (or hurt) speed?
Posted: Tuesday, June 26, 2007 7:47:16 AM
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Hi Ed,

Our control set offers similar, if not more features than ComponentArt's. We supports many more customizations on or menu. So I do not think our control set will run much faster than ComponentArt's.

The most important balance for developing a control is between features and performance. Generally the more features you have, the slower it becomes --- because of the size of the code to download and the amount of the code to execute. Us and ComponentArt's balance point are similar, we both offer feature rich high end control set.

For your situation, you probably want to look into some of those DHTML menus. They are generally lighter and faster. However since aspdotnetstorefront is based on ASP.NET, you may need to write a thin wrapper around the DHTML menu in order to be able use it easier in ASP.NET.


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