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Moving to EO 23.2.14 from EO 23.1.77 and Chrome Debugger issues Options
Posted: Friday, May 26, 2023 8:12:46 AM
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Noticed a bit of a funny, and thought worth posting here in case anyone else hits it.

We noticed when moving to EO 23.2.14 that the "Sources" tab in the Chrome debugger wouldn't display anything (it was completely blank, no error messages, no list of files).

TabbedBrowser didn't show this issue.

After digging further and making our app look more like TabbedBrowser, it became clear this was because we were setting a CachePath (i.e. Runtime.DefaultEngineOptions.CachePath = ...)

This is set to something like the following:

Cleaning out this cache folder (i.e. deleting everything in it) brought the "Sources" tab in the Chrome debugger back to life. Our app didn't seem to be impacted by this, but the lack of the "Sources" tab had made debugging near impossible.

I assume there is some different in the structure of the cache between Chromium 111 and Chromium 108? And that the cached files from 108 were causing a crash in the debugger for 111?

Should we be forcibly clearing this cache when updating EO?

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