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Problems from an application that uses EO product Options
Posted: Friday, November 19, 2021 10:39:01 AM
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If you run into a problem with an application that uses EO product, please contact the vendor of that application directly, they will then work with us to resolve the issue.

Our product is not an application used directly by the end user. Instead, software developer uses our product to develop their application and then ship their application to their customer. In a typical scenario, one (or a few) software developer(s) purchase a license from us to develop an application, then sells hundreds or thousands copy of their application to their customers. In a way our product is like a chip used by TV manufactures to manufacture TV. The end users buy TVs, not chips.

If you are one of their customers and ran into a problem with their application, you must contact them instead of us. This is because we generally have no way to resolve the issue directly with you as any changes related to our product needs to be made through code and done by the programmer that developed by the application. So the only way for us to resolve the issue properly is to work with the original developer who developed the application.

If you receives seemly randomly error messages or a license warning message that seems to be originated from our product, then you may have been infected with some malware that used an unlicensed copy of our product. In that case you should contact your IT staff to help you identify the malware.

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