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I run into a problem, can I send over my code so that you can take a look? Options
Posted: Sunday, March 8, 2009 10:09:36 AM
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For most simple issues, you can post a small code snippet in the forum and we maybe able to tell you what's wrong in your code. However if the issue is more complicated and it would require us to debug the code, we will need you to provide test code that runs independently and can clearly demonstrate the problem. It is important that your code must meet both these two criteria in order for us to look into it. There are several reasons for this.

1. Without test code that can run and demonstrate the problem, we can not know for sure the exact problem that you are having, not to mention even if we come up a solution, we can not verify if it will work for you. Also most complicate problems requires us to debug into the code step by step in order to find out the root cause. Without being able to do so we can not effectively troubleshoot the problem;

2. We are not in a position to troubleshoot your code. In another word, you can not request us to debug your code before you have spent reasonable effort to debug the problem by yourself and can reasonably believe that it is a problem in our product, not in your code. Usually this means you have to isolate the problem into a test project at least;

As a result, if you wish to submit test code to us, please always check these two conditions. We will not be able to look into test code that does not meet these two conditions.

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