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Standard license FAQs Options
Posted: Saturday, February 19, 2011 3:55:04 PM
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EO.Web Controls offer standard license and developer license. The most important difference between them is standard license can only be used with one domain name, while developer license does not have this restriction.

Q: What does exactly "one domain name" means?
Each standard license is associated to a single domain name and can only be used with that domain name. At runtime the control checks the domain name portion of your Url and compare that with the domain name you are licensed for. For example, if you purchase a license for "yourdomain.com", then you can access your application via Url "http://www.yourdomain.com/whatever”, but not through “http://www.anotherdomain.com/whatever” because “anotherdomain.com” is not the same as “yourdomain.com”. You can not use IP address either because the IP address is not “yourdomain.com”. In short, you can not use any other Url to access your website except for the domain that you have a license for;

Q: What about sub domain names?
A standard license automatically covers direct sub domain names (one level down only)
. For example, a license for “yourdomain.com” would also cover www.yourdomain.com, “www2.yourdomain.com”, etc. However it will not cover www.us.yourdomain.com because that domain is not a direct sub domain (It is two level down);

Q: Does it cover multiple servers?
Yes. A standard license does not restrict the number of production server/test servers.

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