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EO.Pdf 2011.2.76 posted Options
Posted: Thursday, October 6, 2011 11:43:06 AM
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Joined: 5/27/2007
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This build includes the following enhancements/bug fixes:

1. Merged EO.Pdf.dll and EO.Pdf.Html.dll into a single EO.Pdf.dll file;
2. Added "EO.Pdf Lite" option. This option contains all features except for the HTML to PDF converter;
3. Added HtmlToPdf.Options.AllowLocalAccess to specify whether the converter can access local file Urls;
4. Added HtmlToPdf.Options. PreserveHiResImage to specify whether to automatically preserve high resolution images (better image quality but bigger PDF file) in the PDF file;
5. Added HtmlToPdf.Options.VisibleElementIds and HtmlToPdf.Options.InvisibleElementIds to allow converting only a portion of the page;
6. Added PdfPage.Transform method to transform the whole page contents;
7. Fixed ASPXToPDF not working correctly if called in Page_Load issue;
8. Enhanced ASPXToPDF to better handling sub requests that also requires the current session/login cookies;
9. Fixed PDF merger sometimes not able to correctly retain the original page orientation issue;
10. Added PdfDocument.Standard property to support PDF/A standard;
11. Added PdfDocument.EmbedFont property to specify whether to embed commonly used font or not;
12. Fixed an issue where the converter can not render contents correctly inside an element with CSS border-radius settings;
13. Enhanced PDF merger to automatically merge duplicate fonts and pictures to reduce PDF file size;
14. Optimized memory usage to better handle large files;
15. Added extra space for text underline rendered by AcmText;

If you have been using the HTML to PDF converter with an older build, then you no longer need EO.Pdf.Html.dll once you update to this build. All features implemented in EO.Pdf.Html.dll are now implemented in EO.Pdf.dll.


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