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AjaxUploader Feature Request Options
Posted: Monday, April 22, 2013 10:28:53 AM
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I would like to see options to add/removed posted files on the server side.

The scenario I'm working with is, since users are not able to select multiple files, when uploading, I want to allow them to upload their files in a zip. Once they upload the zip file, I want to uncompress it, and supply them a checkbox list of the files (preferably by adding them to the ajaxuploader's postedfiles).

Currently, I am creating a new checkbox list, that I handle myself, but I would like to remove the zip file from the uploader's file list, once it has been uncompressed.

I would like to maintain the multiple upload option, after the zip is uploaded, which is why I don't just remove the uploader, once the zip has been uncompressed.

The ability to remove files alone, even if it were client side, would make things extremely easier.

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