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EO.Total 2013.0.33 posted! Options
Posted: Friday, October 4, 2013 1:07:38 PM
Rank: Administration
Groups: Administration

Joined: 5/27/2007
Posts: 22,623
This build includes the following bug fixes/improvements:


1. Fixed clicking Refresh button on the FileExplorer may cause crash problem;
2. Fixed clicking the Upload button on an AJAXUploader control before all images in the page have been loaded causes script error problem;
3. Fixed not being able to clear a DatePicker control with del key if the control includes time segment problem;
4. Fixed various problem related to the column span feature of the Grid control;
5. Fixed Grid displays column resizing indicator at the wrong position on IE 10 problem;


1. Removed PieceInfo dictionary entry in the PDF file if a license key is applied. Early version uses PieceInfo dictionary to store EO.Pdf version information;
2. Fixed a problem where if user uses a variant of a font family for which the font data does not exist (for example, users has font “Cabin”, but not “Cabin Bold”, however uses “font-family:Cabin; font-weight:bold” in the HTML), the converter may render the wrong character;
3. Improved support for SVG radiant gradient;
4. Fixed invisible text are considered during pagination process thus causing wrong pagination result problem;
5. Changed code to be more tolerant to corrupted tailer block in the PDF file;
6. Fixed a bug where the library cannot correctly handle a data block with more than one encoding filters;
7. Fixed using table header/footer repeating feature causes HtmlToPdfResult.LastPosition to contain the wrong value problem;
8. Added support for form fields with rotation property set. Previously the value filled in with EO.Pdf was not rotated according to the rotation of the field;
9. Fixed a problem where the converter always add a small gap between two consecutive conversions;
10. Added “keeping previous zoom factor” option to PdfDestination object;


1. Fixed various style issue with the Chrome skin for TabControl;
2. Fixed closing tab on TabControl can cause crash issue;
3. Added FixedContentTemplate property to the TabControl so that it’s possible to let the TabControl to switch headers but not switching contents (thus allows user code to switch content);
4. Added ItemIndex property to TabItemClosedEventArgs so that user knows the index of the tab that was closed;
5. Added HeaderVisible property to DockView class, which allows DockView to work with user supplied headers;
6. Changed SplitView control to use Popup to display splitter indicator so that splitter indicator can be displayed above a windowed control;
7. Changed DockView to display auto-hide views in a Popup so that they can be displayed above a windowed control;
8. Added Placement, HorizontalOffset and VerticalOffset property to DropDown and DropDownService class;
9. Added LoadFrom method to DockItem. LoadFrom allows user to load a DockItem from XAML file;
10. Added AutoGenerateItemId and AutoItemIdPrefix to DockView class. These two properties together control whether/how to automatically generates an ItemId for each DockItem inside the DockView;
11. Added DockViewAdded event to DockContainer. The event is fired every time a DockView is added into the DockContainer;


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