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EO.Total 2013.0.47 with new EO.WebBrowser product posted! Options
Posted: Friday, December 13, 2013 6:21:57 PM
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Joined: 5/27/2007
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This build contains EO.WebBrowser product. EO.WebBrowser is a .NET browser engine based on Google’s Chrome project. It provides an easy to use WebView class and wrapper WebControl class for both Windows Forms and WPF application. The WebControl class is an ideal replacement for the built-in Internet Exporer based WebBrowser control. It also offers much more advanced features than the built-in WebBrowser control such as directly access to JavaScript from .NET code and calling .NET code from JavaScript code; Custom request/resource handler, Extensive UI customizing options, etc. And most important of all --- everything is packed inside the .NET dll and it has zero external dependency. Simply reference and run. No additional installation/setup required on end user’s machine. See here for more information about this product:


This build also includes the following enhancements/bug fixes on our existing products:


1. Fixed setting Grid scrolling off causing JavaScript error problem;
2. Added support to Splitter control to auto-size only on width or on height. In previous version, the Splitter either auto-size on both width and height, or on neither. The current version supports auto size on either height, or width, or both;
3. Fixed resizing splitter causing Chrome browser to select page contents problem;
4. Fixed AJAXUploader control not displaying correctly in IE 11 problem;
5. Fixed a problem where EditableLabel does not take full available width when entering edit mode problem;
6. Fixed using shift key to select multiple item causing Chrome browser to select page contents problem;
7. Fixed Flyout control incorrectly display the Flyout content during the Flyout animation if the content has transparency enabled problem. Flyout should only display the content after the animation is done;
8. Added SelectionChanged event to ListBox control;


1. Fixed an issue where EO.Pdf incorrectly merging certain font objects causing the font not usable problem;
2. Fixed an issue where PdfDocument.Save hangs if one of the PDF field in the file has a negative height value;
3. Fixed setting AcmField.Style.Width to 0 causing application hang and eventually running out of memory problem;
4. Fixed a performance issue with PdfDocument.Merge. The newer build is much faster to merge two PdfDocument objects;
5. Fixed EOPDFSP (EO PDF Service Process) not working on 64 bit system problem;
6. Fixed filling a PDF field with empty string, then resave and encrypt the files causing Adobe Reader displaying error message while printing the file problem;
7. Fixed an lock up issue when using PdfTextLayer directly;
8. Added MVC5 support to MVCToPDF;
9. Fixed certain lines generated by AmChart is not visible issue;


1. Fixed several issues with WindowCommands class;
2. Added TabControl.HeaderPadding property. This property can be used to reserve space around the tab header for other purpose. For example, to reserve space for the close window button for the Chrome style TabControl;
3. Added LoadChildOnExpand property on TreeViewItem class. This property is used to implement “Load on demand” for the TreeView;
4. Added OrientationChanged event for SplitView control;
5. Changed WindowChrome to extend glass effect only to the frame area. Older version extend the glass effect to the whole window which causes problem with the window contents;
6. Fixed SplitView child view “jumping” while resizing splitter issue;
7. Improved focus management with auto-hide DockView;
8. Fixed auto-hide DockView sometimes is displayed at the wrong position issue;
9. Fixed switching a DockView directly from AutoHide to Float state crashing the application error;


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