Table of Contents
  • Getting Started
  • EO.Pdf
  • EO.Web
  • EO.WebBrowser
  • EO.Wpf
  • Common Topics
  • Reference
    • .NET API Reference
      • EO.Base
      • EO.Base.UI
      • EO.Extensions
      • EO.Pdf
      • EO.Pdf.Acm
      • EO.Pdf.Contents
      • EO.Pdf.Drawing
      • EO.Pdf.Mvc
      • EO.Web
      • EO.WebBrowser
      • EO.WebBrowser.DOM
      • EO.WebEngine
      • EO.WinForm
      • EO.Wpf
      • EO.Wpf.Gauge
      • EO.Wpf.Gauge.Shapes
      • EO.Wpf.Primitives
      • EO.Wpf.Themes.Aero
      • EO.Wpf.Themes.Classic
      • EO.Wpf.Themes.Luna
      • EO.Wpf.Themes.Metro
      • EO.Wpf.Themes.Royale
    • JavaScript API Reference
EO.WebEngine Namespace
Class Description
Cookie Represents a HTTP cookie.
CookieCollection Represents a collection of Cookie objects.
CookieManager Provides interface to manage cookies.
Cursor Represents a cursor.
Engine Represents a browser engine.
EngineEventArgs Provides additional information for an Engine event.
EngineOptions Contains options for a browser engine.
WebViewOptions Contains options for a WebView instance.
Delegate Description
EngineEventHandler Represents the method that will handle an Engine event.
Enumeration Description
CacheFolderCleanUpPolicy Specifies the policy for cleaning up cache folder.
CursorType Specifies the type of the cursor.
EngineState Represents the state of a browser engine.