Table of Contents
Getting Started

EO.Total is a collection of components for Microsoft .NET platform. It consists of:

EO.Pdf for .NET. EO.Pdf is a .NET class library for you to read, create or modify PDF files. It also includes a powerful HTML to PDF converter.

EO.Web for ASP.NET. EO.Web contains more than 20 high quality ASP.NET UI controls. Supports all major Web Browsers, including all popular devices.

EO.WebBrowser for .NET. EO.WebBrowser for .NET is a full-blown browser engine in .NET based on Google's Chrome project.

EO.Wpf Controls. EO.Wpf is a set of high quality WPF controls including a large set of common controls, a docking view solution and a gauge framework.

Follow these steps to use any of EO product:

  • Download the trial version from our download page;
  • Run the installer. The installer will install all runtime DLLs, sample projects and documentation;
  • Reference the corresponding DLLs;
  • Refer documentation for each specific product for a basic overview of classes/features you can use;
  • Write code and enjoy!