Table of Contents
  • Getting Started
  • EO.Pdf
  • EO.Web
  • EO.WebBrowser
    • Overview
    • Installation and Deployment
    • Getting Started
    • Customizing WebView
    • Advanced Topics
  • EO.Wpf
  • Common Topics
  • Reference

EO.WebBrowser is a .NET browser engine based on Google's Chromium project. Feature highlights include:

  • Full Blown Browser Engine. The DLL contains the whole browser engine. It can do almost everything a standalone browser can do;
  • XCopy Distribution. The core engine is packed inside a single DLL. There are no external dependency files. There is no class/DLL that needs to be registered. Simply copy the file and use;
  • Extensive customization. You can customize context menu, file dialog, JavaScript dialog, etc, to fit your own application style;
  • Custom Resource Handler. EO.WebBrowser allows you to implement your own custom resource handler, for example, to serve images from a database;
  • Complete JavaScript Interface. EO.WebBrowser exposes the browser engine's native JavaScript objects, such as window, document objects for you to fully interact with the browser through code. It also allows you to expose .NET functions to your JavaScript code;