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ExtraCommandLineArgs Property

Gets or sets the additional command line arguments to be passed to the Chrome browser engine.

 public String ExtraCommandLineArgs { get; set; }

Google Chrome browser supports many command line switches, some of them are interpreted by the core browser engine. You can pass those command line arguments to the core browser engine through this property. For example, you can use "--disable-databases" to disable HTML 5 DB support.

Use space to separate multiple arguments. For example, use "--disable-databases --disable-local-storage " to disable both HTML 5 DB support and local storage support.

Note that not all switches supported by Google Chrome browser are interpreted by the core browser engine. For example, switch "--enable-cloud-devices" enable cloud device for Google Chrome browser, however cloud device support is a part of Google Chrome browser, but not a part of the core browser engine. As such this switch has no effect on EO.WebEngine.

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