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EngineOptions Members

The EngineOptions class exposes the following members.

Name Description
EngineOptions(); Creates a new instance of the EngineOptions object.
Name Description
BypassUserGestureCheck Gets or sets a value indicating whether to bypass user gesture check.
CachePath Gets or sets the cache path.
CustomUserAgent Gets or sets custom user agent.
Default Gets the default engine options.
DisableBuiltInPlugIns Gets or sets a value to disable the built-in PDF plugin.
DisableGPU Gets or sets whether to disable GPU.
DisableSpellChecker Gets or sets a value to whether disable the built-in spell checker.
EOAPIVarName Gets or sets the name of the "eoapi" JavaScript variable.
ExtraCommandLineArgs Gets or sets the additional command line arguments to be passed to the Chrome browser engine.
GoogleAPIKey Gets or sets Google API key.
GoogleClientID Gets or sets Google client ID.
GoogleClientSecret Gets or sets Google client secret.
PreinstalledPluginsDir Gets or sets the folder that contains pre-installed plugins.
Proxy Gets or sets the proxy information to be used by all WebViews.
RemoteDebugAnyAddress Gets or sets whether the remote debug server should accept connection from any address.
RemoteDebugPort Gets or sets the remote debug port.
SpellCheckLanguages Gets or sets languages used by the built-in spell checker.
UILanguage Gets or sets the UI language to be used in the format languagecode2-country/regioncode2.
Name Description
AllowProprietaryMediaFormats Enable proprietary media formats support.
Clone Make a copy of this EngineOptions class.
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RandomizeEOAPIVarName Randomize the name of the "eoapi" JavaScript variable.
RegisterCustomSchemes Registers one or more protocoal schemes.
SetDefaultWebViewOptions Sets the default options for all WebView objects created after this call.
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