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DropDown Members

The DropDown class exposes the following members.

Name Description
DropDown(); Creates a new instance of the DropDown control.
Name Description
ActualHeight (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
ActualWidth (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
AllowDrop (inherited from UIElement) 
AreAnyTouchesCaptured (inherited from UIElement) 
AreAnyTouchesCapturedWithin (inherited from UIElement) 
AreAnyTouchesDirectlyOver (inherited from UIElement) 
AreAnyTouchesOver (inherited from UIElement) 
Background (inherited from Control) 
BindingGroup (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
BitmapEffect (inherited from UIElement)Obsolete.  
BitmapEffectInput (inherited from UIElement)Obsolete.  
BorderBrush (inherited from Control) 
BorderThickness (inherited from Control) 
CacheMode (inherited from UIElement) 
Clip (inherited from UIElement) 
ClipToBounds (inherited from UIElement) 
CollapseEffect Gets or sets the effect played when the drop down closes.
CommandBindings (inherited from UIElement) 
Content (inherited from ContentControl) 
ContentStringFormat (inherited from ContentControl) 
ContentTemplate (inherited from ContentControl) 
ContentTemplateSelector (inherited from ContentControl) 
ContextMenu (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Cursor (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
DataContext (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
DefaultStyleKey (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
DependencyObjectType (inherited from DependencyObject) 
DesiredSize (inherited from UIElement) 
Dispatcher (inherited from DispatcherObject) 
Effect (inherited from UIElement) 
ExpandEffect Gets or sets the effect played when the drop down opens.
FlowDirection (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Focusable (inherited from UIElement) 
FocusVisualStyle (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
FontFamily (inherited from Control) 
FontSize (inherited from Control) 
FontStretch (inherited from Control) 
FontStyle (inherited from Control) 
FontWeight (inherited from Control) 
ForceCursor (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Foreground (inherited from Control) 
HandlesScrolling (inherited from Control) 
HasAnimatedProperties (inherited from UIElement) 
HasContent (inherited from ContentControl) 
HasEffectiveKeyboardFocus (inherited from UIElement) 
Height (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
HorizontalAlignment (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
HorizontalContentAlignment (inherited from Control) 
HorizontalOffset Gets or sets the horizontal offset.
InheritanceBehavior (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
InputBindings (inherited from UIElement) 
InputScope (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
IsArrangeValid (inherited from UIElement) 
IsEnabled (inherited from UIElement) 
IsEnabledCore (inherited from UIElement) 
IsFocused (inherited from UIElement) 
IsHitTestVisible (inherited from UIElement) 
IsInitialized (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
IsInputMethodEnabled (inherited from UIElement) 
IsKeyboardFocused (inherited from UIElement) 
IsKeyboardFocusWithin (inherited from UIElement) 
IsLoaded (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
IsManipulationEnabled (inherited from UIElement) 
IsMeasureValid (inherited from UIElement) 
IsMouseCaptured (inherited from UIElement) 
IsMouseCaptureWithin (inherited from UIElement) 
IsMouseDirectlyOver (inherited from UIElement) 
IsMouseOver (inherited from UIElement) 
IsOpen Gets or sets a value indicating whether the drop down is open.
IsSealed (inherited from DependencyObject) 
IsStylusCaptured (inherited from UIElement) 
IsStylusCaptureWithin (inherited from UIElement) 
IsStylusDirectlyOver (inherited from UIElement) 
IsStylusOver (inherited from UIElement) 
IsTabStop (inherited from Control) 
IsVisible (inherited from UIElement) 
Language (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
LayoutTransform (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
LogicalChildren (inherited from ContentControl) 
Margin (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
MaxDropDownHeight Gets or sets the maximum drop down height.
MaxHeight (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
MaxWidth (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
MinHeight (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
MinWidth (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Name (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Opacity (inherited from UIElement) 
OpacityMask (inherited from UIElement) 
OverridesDefaultStyle (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Padding (inherited from Control) 
Parent (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
PersistId (inherited from UIElement)Obsolete.  
Placement Gets or sets the orientation of the popup.
PlacementTarget Gets or sets the UIElement relative to which the dorp down is positioned when it opens.
RenderSize (inherited from UIElement) 
RenderTransform (inherited from UIElement) 
RenderTransformOrigin (inherited from UIElement) 
Resources (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
SnapsToDevicePixels (inherited from UIElement) 
StaysOpen Gets or sets a value indicating whether the drop down should stay open after losing focus.
Style (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
StylusPlugIns (inherited from UIElement) 
TabIndex (inherited from Control) 
Tag (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Target Gets or sets the target of this drop down control.
Template (inherited from Control) 
TemplatedParent (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
ToolTip (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
TouchesCaptured (inherited from UIElement) 
TouchesCapturedWithin (inherited from UIElement) 
TouchesDirectlyOver (inherited from UIElement) 
TouchesOver (inherited from UIElement) 
Triggers (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Uid (inherited from UIElement) 
UseLayoutRounding (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
VerticalAlignment (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
VerticalContentAlignment (inherited from Control) 
VerticalOffset Gets or sets the vertical offset.
Visibility (inherited from UIElement) 
VisualBitmapEffect (inherited from Visual)Obsolete.  
VisualBitmapEffectInput (inherited from Visual)Obsolete.  
VisualBitmapScalingMode (inherited from Visual) 
VisualCacheMode (inherited from Visual) 
VisualChildrenCount (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
VisualClearTypeHint (inherited from Visual) 
VisualClip (inherited from Visual) 
VisualEdgeMode (inherited from Visual) 
VisualEffect (inherited from Visual) 
VisualOffset (inherited from Visual) 
VisualOpacity (inherited from Visual) 
VisualOpacityMask (inherited from Visual) 
VisualParent (inherited from Visual) 
VisualScrollableAreaClip (inherited from Visual) 
VisualTextHintingMode (inherited from Visual) 
VisualTextRenderingMode (inherited from Visual) 
VisualTransform (inherited from Visual) 
VisualXSnappingGuidelines (inherited from Visual) 
VisualYSnappingGuidelines (inherited from Visual) 
Width (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Name Description
AddChild (inherited from ContentControl) 
AddHandler (inherited from UIElement)Overloaded.  
AddLogicalChild (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
AddText (inherited from ContentControl) 
AddToEventRoute (inherited from UIElement) 
AddVisualChild (inherited from Visual) 
ApplyAnimationClock (inherited from UIElement)Overloaded.  
ApplyTemplate (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Arrange (inherited from UIElement) 
ArrangeCore (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
ArrangeOverride (inherited from Control) 
BeginAnimation (inherited from UIElement)Overloaded.  
BeginInit (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
BeginStoryboard (inherited from FrameworkElement)Overloaded.  
BringIntoView (inherited from FrameworkElement)Overloaded.  
CaptureMouse (inherited from UIElement) 
CaptureStylus (inherited from UIElement) 
CaptureTouch (inherited from UIElement) 
CheckAccess (inherited from DispatcherObject) 
ClearValue (inherited from DependencyObject)Overloaded.  
CoerceValue (inherited from DependencyObject) 
EndInit (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Equals (inherited from DependencyObject) 
Finalize (inherited from Object) 
FindCommonVisualAncestor (inherited from Visual) 
FindName (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
FindResource (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Focus (inherited from UIElement) 
GetAnimationBaseValue (inherited from UIElement) 
GetBindingExpression (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
GetHashCode (inherited from DependencyObject) 
GetLayoutClip (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
GetLocalValueEnumerator (inherited from DependencyObject) 
GetTemplateChild (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
GetType (inherited from Object) 
GetUIParentCore (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
GetValue (inherited from DependencyObject) 
GetVisualChild (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
HitTestCore (inherited from UIElement)Overloaded.  
InputHitTest (inherited from UIElement) 
InvalidateArrange (inherited from UIElement) 
InvalidateMeasure (inherited from UIElement) 
InvalidateProperty (inherited from DependencyObject) 
InvalidateVisual (inherited from UIElement) 
IsAncestorOf (inherited from Visual) 
IsDescendantOf (inherited from Visual) 
Measure (inherited from UIElement) 
MeasureCore (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
MeasureOverride (inherited from Control) 
MemberwiseClone (inherited from Object) 
MoveFocus (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
OnAccessKey (inherited from UIElement) 
OnChildDesiredSizeChanged (inherited from UIElement) 
OnContentChanged (inherited from ContentControl) 
OnContentStringFormatChanged (inherited from ContentControl) 
OnContentTemplateChanged (inherited from ContentControl) 
OnContentTemplateSelectorChanged (inherited from ContentControl) 
OnContextMenuClosing (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
OnContextMenuOpening (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
OnCreateAutomationPeer (inherited from UIElement) 
OnDpiChanged (inherited from Visual) 
OnDragEnter (inherited from UIElement) 
OnDragLeave (inherited from UIElement) 
OnDragOver (inherited from UIElement) 
OnDrop (inherited from UIElement) 
OnGiveFeedback (inherited from UIElement) 
OnGotFocus (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
OnGotKeyboardFocus (inherited from UIElement) 
OnGotMouseCapture (inherited from UIElement) 
OnGotStylusCapture (inherited from UIElement) 
OnGotTouchCapture (inherited from UIElement) 
OnIsKeyboardFocusedChanged (inherited from UIElement) 
OnIsKeyboardFocusWithinChanged (inherited from UIElement) 
OnIsMouseCapturedChanged (inherited from UIElement) 
OnIsMouseCaptureWithinChanged (inherited from UIElement) 
OnIsMouseDirectlyOverChanged (inherited from UIElement) 
OnIsStylusCapturedChanged (inherited from UIElement) 
OnIsStylusCaptureWithinChanged (inherited from UIElement) 
OnIsStylusDirectlyOverChanged (inherited from UIElement) 
OnKeyDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnKeyUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnLostFocus (inherited from UIElement) 
OnLostKeyboardFocus (inherited from UIElement) 
OnLostMouseCapture (inherited from UIElement) 
OnLostStylusCapture (inherited from UIElement) 
OnLostTouchCapture (inherited from UIElement) 
OnManipulationBoundaryFeedback (inherited from UIElement) 
OnManipulationCompleted (inherited from UIElement) 
OnManipulationDelta (inherited from UIElement) 
OnManipulationInertiaStarting (inherited from UIElement) 
OnManipulationStarted (inherited from UIElement) 
OnManipulationStarting (inherited from UIElement) 
OnMouseDoubleClick (inherited from Control) 
OnMouseDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnMouseEnter (inherited from UIElement) 
OnMouseLeave (inherited from UIElement) 
OnMouseLeftButtonDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnMouseLeftButtonUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnMouseMove (inherited from UIElement) 
OnMouseRightButtonDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnMouseRightButtonUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnMouseUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnMouseWheel (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewDragEnter (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewDragLeave (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewDragOver (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewDrop (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewGiveFeedback (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewGotKeyboardFocus (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewKeyDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewKeyUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewLostKeyboardFocus (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewMouseDoubleClick (inherited from Control) 
OnPreviewMouseDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewMouseLeftButtonDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewMouseLeftButtonUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewMouseMove (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewMouseRightButtonDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewMouseRightButtonUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewMouseUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewMouseWheel (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewQueryContinueDrag (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewStylusButtonDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewStylusButtonUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewStylusDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewStylusInAirMove (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewStylusInRange (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewStylusMove (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewStylusOutOfRange (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewStylusSystemGesture (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewStylusUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewTextInput (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewTouchDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewTouchMove (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewTouchUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPropertyChanged (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
OnQueryContinueDrag (inherited from UIElement) 
OnQueryCursor (inherited from UIElement) 
OnRender (inherited from UIElement) 
OnRenderSizeChanged (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
OnStyleChanged (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
OnStylusButtonDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnStylusButtonUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnStylusDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnStylusEnter (inherited from UIElement) 
OnStylusInAirMove (inherited from UIElement) 
OnStylusInRange (inherited from UIElement) 
OnStylusLeave (inherited from UIElement) 
OnStylusMove (inherited from UIElement) 
OnStylusOutOfRange (inherited from UIElement) 
OnStylusSystemGesture (inherited from UIElement) 
OnStylusUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnTemplateChanged (inherited from Control) 
OnTextInput (inherited from UIElement) 
OnToolTipClosing (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
OnToolTipOpening (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
OnTouchDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnTouchEnter (inherited from UIElement) 
OnTouchLeave (inherited from UIElement) 
OnTouchMove (inherited from UIElement) 
OnTouchUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnVisualChildrenChanged (inherited from Visual) 
OnVisualParentChanged (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
ParentLayoutInvalidated (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
PointFromScreen (inherited from Visual) 
PointToScreen (inherited from Visual) 
PredictFocus (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
RaiseEvent (inherited from UIElement) 
ReadLocalValue (inherited from DependencyObject) 
RegisterName (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
ReleaseAllTouchCaptures (inherited from UIElement) 
ReleaseMouseCapture (inherited from UIElement) 
ReleaseStylusCapture (inherited from UIElement) 
ReleaseTouchCapture (inherited from UIElement) 
RemoveHandler (inherited from UIElement) 
RemoveLogicalChild (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
RemoveVisualChild (inherited from Visual) 
SetBinding (inherited from FrameworkElement)Overloaded.  
SetCurrentValue (inherited from DependencyObject) 
SetResourceReference (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
SetValue (inherited from DependencyObject)Overloaded.  
ShouldSerializeCommandBindings (inherited from UIElement) 
ShouldSerializeContent (inherited from ContentControl) 
ShouldSerializeInputBindings (inherited from UIElement) 
ShouldSerializeProperty (inherited from DependencyObject) 
ShouldSerializeResources (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
ShouldSerializeStyle (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
ShouldSerializeTriggers (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
ToString (inherited from Control) 
TransformToAncestor (inherited from Visual)Overloaded.  
TransformToDescendant (inherited from Visual) 
TransformToVisual (inherited from Visual) 
TranslatePoint (inherited from UIElement) 
TryFindResource (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
UnregisterName (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
UpdateDefaultStyle (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
UpdateLayout (inherited from UIElement) 
VerifyAccess (inherited from DispatcherObject) 
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