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EO.Wpf Namespace
Class Description
BareButton Represents a button with no built-in background or border.
Bitmap Represents a control that displays a bitmap based on its pixel size instead of device independent size.
BitmapButton A simple bitmap button with a border and an image.
BooleanDependencyPropertyRoutedEventArgs Provides event information for a boolean dependency property changed event.
Button Represents a push button.
Calendar Displays a single or multiple months Calendar that allows the user to select dates.
CalendarDayButton Represents a single date in a Calendar control.
CalendarMonth Represents a primitive control that displays a single month used within the Calendar control.
CancelEventArgs Provides data for a cancelable event.
CheckBox Represents a control that a user can select and clear.
ChoiceMaskedEditSegment Represents a MaskedEditSegment that allows user to select one out of several options.
ComboBox Represents a selection control with a drop-down list that can be shown or hidden by clicking the arrow on the control.
ComboBoxItem Implements a selectable item inside a ComboBox.
DatePicker Represents a control that allows the user to select a date from a drop-down Calendar.
DateRangeCollection Represents a collection of DateRange objects.
DateRangeCollectionConverter Convert instance of other types to and from DateRange instances.
DockContainer Represents the root control of a docking layout.
DockItem Represents a dock item.
DockItemClosingEventArgs Contains information about DockItem.Closing event.
DockItemCollection Represents a collection of DockItem objects.
DockItemEventArgs Contains information about events related to a DockItem.
DockItemNeededEventArgs Provides information for the DockItemNeeded event.
DockView Represents a docking view.
DockViewCollection Represents a collection of DockView objects.
DockViewCommands Provides a set of DockView related commands.
DockViewEventArgs Provides information for events related to a DockView.
DockViewNeededEventArgs Provides information for the DockViewNeeded event.
DocumentItem Represents a document item.
DropDown Represents a drop down window that can be associated to another control.
DropDownButton Represents a button that opens a drop down window when clicked.
DropDownService Manages various DropDown related properties.
DropDownService dummy class for documentation purpose
EditItemEventArgs Provides data for an item editing event.
Effect Specifies the effect to be played when an element's visiblity changes.
EffectManager Manages expand or collapse effects on any UIElement.
EffectManager dummy class for documentation purpose
Expander The Expander control allows a user to view a header and expand that header to see further details, or to collapse a section up to a header.
ItemDragEventArgs Provides data related to dragging an item in an ItemsControl.
ItemDragOverEventArgs Provides data related to dragging an item over another ItemsControl.
ItemDropEventArgs Provides data related to dropping an item over another ItemsControl.
ItemsControlHelper Provides utility methods that perform common tasks involving an ItemsControl.
LinkButton Represents a link button.
ListBox Contains a list of selectable items.
ListBoxItem Represents an item in a ListBox.
MaskedEdit Provides an enhanced textbox that can restrict user input to certain patterns.
MaskedEditSegment Base class for all maksed edit segment.
MaskMaskedEditSegment Represents a MaskedEditSegment that restricts user input based on a given mask.
Menu Represents a Windows menu control that enables you to hierarchically organize elements associated with commands and event handlers.
MenuBase Defines the base class for Menu.
MenuItem Represents a menu item displayed in the Menu control.
MonthPicker Represents a control that can be use to select a year and a month.
MultiplyConverter Represents a converter that will multiply the value with a given value.
NamedResourceKey Provides a generic resource key based on a name.
NegationConverter Represents a converter that will negate the value of a boolean or number value.
NewItemRequestedEventArgs Provides data for the NewItemRequested event.
NumericMaskedEditSegment Represents a MaskedEditSegment that can be used to enter numeric values.
OpacityConverter This utility class is used to apply an opacity value to a solid color, it is mainly used in XAML to construct gradient brushes based on solid colors.
PatternMaskedEditSegment Base class for MaskMaskedEditSegment and RegexMaskedEditSegment.
PdfViewer A control to display PDF file.
ProgressBar Represents a control that indicates the progress of an operation.
RadialPanel dummy class for documentation purposes
RadioButton Represents a button that can be selected, but not cleared, by a user.
RangeSlider Represents a SliderBase control where the end user can select two values from a range by moving two Thumb controls along a RangeTrack.
RegexMaskedEditSegment Represents a MaskedEditSegment that verifies user input based on a regular expression.
RingDefinition Provides information about a ring in RadialPanel and CircularScale.
RingDefinitionCollection Represents a collection of RingDefinition instances.
Runtime Class that includes global EO.Wpf settings.
SkinStyleInfo Provides information about a skin style.
Slider Represents a control that lets the user select from a range of values by moving a Thumb control along a Track.
SliderBase Represents the base class for the Slider and the RangeSlider controls.
SpinEdit Represents an editor with an up/down button that allows the user to enter a value directly or use the up/down button to adjust the value.
SplitButton Represents a button control that is divided into two halves: the left half functions as a button and the right half functions as a drop down button.
SplitLineHeightConverter This class is used by SplitButton to calculate the splitter line's height.
SplitView Represents a control consisting of a movable bar that divides the control into two resizable regions.
StaticMaskedEditSegment Represents a static MaskedEditSegment.
TabControl Represents a control that contains multiple items that share the same space on the screen.
TabItem Represents a selectable item inside a TabControl.
TabItemCloseEventArgs Provides data for the PreviewItemClose and ItemClose event.
TabItemEventArgs Contains information about an event related to a TabItem.
TemplatePresenter Utility class for rendering a DataTemplate.
ThemeManager Manages all EO.Wpf themes.
ThemeManager dummy class for documentation purpose
ThemeNames List all built-in theme names.
ThemeStyleInfo Associate a skin to a theme.
TreeView Represents a control that displays hierarchical data in a tree structure that has items that can expand and collapse.
TreeViewItem Represents an item in the TreeView.
UIElementHelper Provides utility functions about UIElement and FrameworkElement.
UnitConverter Convert instance of other types to and from Unit instances.
WebControl A WPF control that provides a thin wrapper to the WebView class.
WebView An alias for EO.WebBrowser.WebView.
WebViewHost Provides the base class for a control that hosts a WebView.
WeekDaysCollection Represent a collection of DayOfWeek values.
WindowChrome Allows user to replace a Window's frame with WPF elements and placing WPF elements into a Window's title area.
WindowChrome dummy class for documentation purpose
WindowCommands Provides window related commands.
YearPicker Represents a drop down button to select year.


Structure Description
DateRange Specifies a date range.
Unit Represents the length of elements that support fixed and percentage values.
Delegate Description
CancelEventHandler Represents the method that handles a cancelable event.
DockItemClosingEventHandler Represents the method that will handle DockItem.Closing event.
DockItemEventHandler Represents the method that will handle events related to a DockItem.
DockItemNeededEventHandler Represents the method that will handle DockItemNeeded event.
DockViewEventHandler Represents the method that will handle events related to a DockView.
DockViewNeededEventHandler Represents the method that will handle DockViewNeeded event.
EditItemEventHandler Represents the method that handles an item editing event.
ItemDragEventHandler Represents methods that will handle dragging an item in an ItemsControl.
ItemDragOverEventHandler Represents methods that will handle dragging an item over another ItemsControl.
ItemDropEventHandler Represents methods that will handle dropping an item over another ItemsControl.
NewItemRequestedEventHandler Represents the method that handles the NewItemRequested event of a TabControl.
TabItemCloseEventHandler Represents the method that handles the PreviewItemClose and ItemClose event of a TabControl.
TabItemEventHandler Represents the method that will handle various events related to TabItem.
Enumeration Description
CheckState Specifies the state of a check box.
DayNameFormat Specifies the display format of the days of the week on the Calendar control.
DayOfWeekFlags Specifies the day of the week.
DockViewState Specifies the state of a DockView.
DropDownMenuMode Specifies the visibility level of a TabControl's dropdown menu button.
EffectType Specifies the effect type.
MaskedEditSegmentType Identify the type of a MaskedEditSegment.
MenuItemRole Defines the different roles that a MenuItem can have.
RingAlignment Specifies how children are arranged within their containing RingDefinition in the RadialPanel.
RotationMode Specifies how children are rotated within their containing RingDefinition in the RadialPanel.
SideTickVisibility Specifies which side tick of a Slider or RangeSlider is kept visible.
SpinEditValueFormat Specifies the formatting of the SpinEdit control.
SplitterCollapseState Specifies whether the splitter bar is collapsed to one side of the SplitView
SplitterMode Specifies the splitter mode of a SplitView control.
SplitViewChildView Specifies one of the child view of the SplitView.
TabItemOverflowStrategy Specifies the strategy a TabControl uses to arrange tab items when tab items exceeding one row.
UnitType Represents the kind of value that a Unit object is holding.
WeekNumberFormat Specifies whether week number should be relative to the month or to the year.