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          • LinearScale Class
          • LinearScaleBase Class
          • LinearTickBar Class
          • LinearTickOptions Class
          • MajorCircularLabelOptions Class
          • MajorCircularTickOptions Class
          • MajorLinearLabelOptions Class
          • MajorLinearTickOptions Class
          • Marker Class
          • MarkerCollection Class
          • MinorCircularLabelOptions Class
          • MinorCircularTickOptions Class
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          • MinorLinearTickOptions Class
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          • Range Class
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          • ScaleBase Class
          • TickBarBase Class
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ScaleBase Members

The ScaleBase class exposes the following members.

Name Description
ScaleBase(); Initializes instance members of the ScaleBase class.
Name Description
ActualHeight (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
ActualWidth (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
AllowDrop (inherited from UIElement) 
AreAnyTouchesCaptured (inherited from UIElement) 
AreAnyTouchesCapturedWithin (inherited from UIElement) 
AreAnyTouchesDirectlyOver (inherited from UIElement) 
AreAnyTouchesOver (inherited from UIElement) 
Background (inherited from Control) 
BindingGroup (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
BitmapEffect (inherited from UIElement)Obsolete.  
BitmapEffectInput (inherited from UIElement)Obsolete.  
BorderBrush (inherited from Control) 
BorderThickness (inherited from Control) 
CacheMode (inherited from UIElement) 
Clip (inherited from UIElement) 
ClipToBounds (inherited from UIElement) 
CommandBindings (inherited from UIElement) 
ContextMenu (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Cursor (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
DataContext (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
DefaultStyleKey (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
DependencyObjectType (inherited from DependencyObject) 
DesiredSize (inherited from UIElement) 
Dispatcher (inherited from DispatcherObject) 
Effect (inherited from UIElement) 
FlowDirection (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Focusable (inherited from UIElement) 
FocusVisualStyle (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
FontFamily (inherited from Control) 
FontSize (inherited from Control) 
FontStretch (inherited from Control) 
FontStyle (inherited from Control) 
FontWeight (inherited from Control) 
ForceCursor (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Foreground (inherited from Control) 
HandlesScrolling (inherited from Control) 
HasAnimatedProperties (inherited from UIElement) 
HasEffectiveKeyboardFocus (inherited from UIElement) 
Height (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
HorizontalAlignment (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
HorizontalContentAlignment (inherited from Control) 
InheritanceBehavior (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
InputBindings (inherited from UIElement) 
InputScope (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
IsArrangeValid (inherited from UIElement) 
IsDirectionReversed Gets or sets the direction of increasing values for this scale. This is a dependency property.
IsEnabled (inherited from UIElement) 
IsEnabledCore (inherited from UIElement) 
IsFocused (inherited from UIElement) 
IsHitTestVisible (inherited from UIElement) 
IsInitialized (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
IsInputMethodEnabled (inherited from UIElement) 
IsKeyboardFocused (inherited from UIElement) 
IsKeyboardFocusWithin (inherited from UIElement) 
IsLoaded (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
IsManipulationEnabled (inherited from UIElement) 
IsMeasureValid (inherited from UIElement) 
IsMouseCaptured (inherited from UIElement) 
IsMouseCaptureWithin (inherited from UIElement) 
IsMouseDirectlyOver (inherited from UIElement) 
IsMouseOver (inherited from UIElement) 
IsSealed (inherited from DependencyObject) 
IsStylusCaptured (inherited from UIElement) 
IsStylusCaptureWithin (inherited from UIElement) 
IsStylusDirectlyOver (inherited from UIElement) 
IsStylusOver (inherited from UIElement) 
IsTabStop (inherited from Control) 
IsVisible (inherited from UIElement) 
Language (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
LayoutTransform (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
LogicalChildren (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
MajorInterval Gets or sets a value that indicates the interval between the scale major ticks. This is a dependency property.
Margin (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
MaxHeight (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Maximum Gets or sets the maximum value of the scale. This is a dependency property.
MaxWidth (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
MinHeight (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Minimum Gets or sets the minimum value of the scale. This is a dependency property.
MinorInterval Gets or sets a value that indicates the interval between the scale minor ticks. This is a dependency property.
MinWidth (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Name (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Opacity (inherited from UIElement) 
OpacityMask (inherited from UIElement) 
OverridesDefaultStyle (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Padding (inherited from Control) 
Parent (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
PersistId (inherited from UIElement)Obsolete.  
Ranges Gets a collection of Range object for this scale.
RenderSize (inherited from UIElement) 
RenderTransform (inherited from UIElement) 
RenderTransformOrigin (inherited from UIElement) 
Resources (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
ShowFirst Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the first tick mark and the corresponding label should be shown on the scale. This is a dependency property.
ShowLast Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the last tick mark and the corresponding label should be shown on the scale. This is a dependency property.
ShowMajorLabels Gets or sets a value that indicates whether major labels are shown on the scale. This is a dependency property.
ShowMajorTicks Gets or sets a value that indicates whether major tick marks are shown on the scale. This is a dependency property.
ShowMinorLabels Gets or sets a value that indicates whether minor labels are shown on the scale. This is a dependency property.
ShowMinorTicks Gets or sets a value that indicates whether minor tick marks are shown on the scale. This is a dependency property.
SnapsToDevicePixels (inherited from UIElement) 
Style (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
StylusPlugIns (inherited from UIElement) 
TabIndex (inherited from Control) 
Tag (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Template (inherited from Control) 
TemplatedParent (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
ToolTip (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
TouchesCaptured (inherited from UIElement) 
TouchesCapturedWithin (inherited from UIElement) 
TouchesDirectlyOver (inherited from UIElement) 
TouchesOver (inherited from UIElement) 
Triggers (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Uid (inherited from UIElement) 
UseLayoutRounding (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
ValueIndicators Gets a collection of ValueIndicator objects attached to this a Scale.
VerticalAlignment (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
VerticalContentAlignment (inherited from Control) 
Visibility (inherited from UIElement) 
VisualBitmapEffect (inherited from Visual)Obsolete.  
VisualBitmapEffectInput (inherited from Visual)Obsolete.  
VisualBitmapScalingMode (inherited from Visual) 
VisualCacheMode (inherited from Visual) 
VisualChildrenCount (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
VisualClearTypeHint (inherited from Visual) 
VisualClip (inherited from Visual) 
VisualEdgeMode (inherited from Visual) 
VisualEffect (inherited from Visual) 
VisualOffset (inherited from Visual) 
VisualOpacity (inherited from Visual) 
VisualOpacityMask (inherited from Visual) 
VisualParent (inherited from Visual) 
VisualScrollableAreaClip (inherited from Visual) 
VisualTextHintingMode (inherited from Visual) 
VisualTextRenderingMode (inherited from Visual) 
VisualTransform (inherited from Visual) 
VisualXSnappingGuidelines (inherited from Visual) 
VisualYSnappingGuidelines (inherited from Visual) 
Width (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Name Description
AddHandler (inherited from UIElement)Overloaded.  
AddLogicalChild (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
AddToEventRoute (inherited from UIElement) 
AddVisualChild (inherited from Visual) 
ApplyAnimationClock (inherited from UIElement)Overloaded.  
ApplyTemplate (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Arrange (inherited from UIElement) 
ArrangeCore (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
ArrangeOverride (inherited from Control) 
BeginAnimation (inherited from UIElement)Overloaded.  
BeginInit (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
BeginStoryboard (inherited from FrameworkElement)Overloaded.  
BringIntoView (inherited from FrameworkElement)Overloaded.  
CaptureMouse (inherited from UIElement) 
CaptureStylus (inherited from UIElement) 
CaptureTouch (inherited from UIElement) 
CheckAccess (inherited from DispatcherObject) 
ClearValue (inherited from DependencyObject)Overloaded.  
CoerceValue (inherited from DependencyObject) 
EndInit (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Equals (inherited from DependencyObject) 
Finalize (inherited from Object) 
FindCommonVisualAncestor (inherited from Visual) 
FindName (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
FindResource (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
Focus (inherited from UIElement) 
GetAnimationBaseValue (inherited from UIElement) 
GetBindingExpression (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
GetHashCode (inherited from DependencyObject) 
GetLayoutClip (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
GetLocalValueEnumerator (inherited from DependencyObject) 
GetTemplateChild (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
GetType (inherited from Object) 
GetUIParentCore (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
GetValue (inherited from DependencyObject) 
GetVisualChild (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
HitTestCore (inherited from UIElement)Overloaded.  
InputHitTest (inherited from UIElement) 
InvalidateArrange (inherited from UIElement) 
InvalidateMeasure (inherited from UIElement) 
InvalidateProperty (inherited from DependencyObject) 
InvalidateVisual (inherited from UIElement) 
IsAncestorOf (inherited from Visual) 
IsDescendantOf (inherited from Visual) 
Measure (inherited from UIElement) 
MeasureCore (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
MeasureOverride (inherited from Control) 
MemberwiseClone (inherited from Object) 
MoveFocus (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
OnAccessKey (inherited from UIElement) 
OnApplyTemplate (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
OnChildDesiredSizeChanged (inherited from UIElement) 
OnContextMenuClosing (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
OnContextMenuOpening (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
OnCreateAutomationPeer (inherited from UIElement) 
OnDpiChanged (inherited from Visual) 
OnDragEnter (inherited from UIElement) 
OnDragLeave (inherited from UIElement) 
OnDragOver (inherited from UIElement) 
OnDrop (inherited from UIElement) 
OnGiveFeedback (inherited from UIElement) 
OnGotFocus (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
OnGotKeyboardFocus (inherited from UIElement) 
OnGotMouseCapture (inherited from UIElement) 
OnGotStylusCapture (inherited from UIElement) 
OnGotTouchCapture (inherited from UIElement) 
OnInitialized (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
OnIsKeyboardFocusedChanged (inherited from UIElement) 
OnIsKeyboardFocusWithinChanged (inherited from UIElement) 
OnIsMouseCapturedChanged (inherited from UIElement) 
OnIsMouseCaptureWithinChanged (inherited from UIElement) 
OnIsMouseDirectlyOverChanged (inherited from UIElement) 
OnIsStylusCapturedChanged (inherited from UIElement) 
OnIsStylusCaptureWithinChanged (inherited from UIElement) 
OnIsStylusDirectlyOverChanged (inherited from UIElement) 
OnKeyDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnKeyUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnLostFocus (inherited from UIElement) 
OnLostKeyboardFocus (inherited from UIElement) 
OnLostMouseCapture (inherited from UIElement) 
OnLostStylusCapture (inherited from UIElement) 
OnLostTouchCapture (inherited from UIElement) 
OnManipulationBoundaryFeedback (inherited from UIElement) 
OnManipulationCompleted (inherited from UIElement) 
OnManipulationDelta (inherited from UIElement) 
OnManipulationInertiaStarting (inherited from UIElement) 
OnManipulationStarted (inherited from UIElement) 
OnManipulationStarting (inherited from UIElement) 
OnMouseDoubleClick (inherited from Control) 
OnMouseDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnMouseEnter (inherited from UIElement) 
OnMouseLeave (inherited from UIElement) 
OnMouseLeftButtonDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnMouseLeftButtonUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnMouseMove (inherited from UIElement) 
OnMouseRightButtonDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnMouseRightButtonUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnMouseUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnMouseWheel (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewDragEnter (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewDragLeave (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewDragOver (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewDrop (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewGiveFeedback (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewGotKeyboardFocus (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewKeyDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewKeyUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewLostKeyboardFocus (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewMouseDoubleClick (inherited from Control) 
OnPreviewMouseDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewMouseLeftButtonDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewMouseLeftButtonUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewMouseMove (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewMouseRightButtonDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewMouseRightButtonUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewMouseUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewMouseWheel (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewQueryContinueDrag (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewStylusButtonDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewStylusButtonUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewStylusDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewStylusInAirMove (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewStylusInRange (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewStylusMove (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewStylusOutOfRange (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewStylusSystemGesture (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewStylusUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewTextInput (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewTouchDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewTouchMove (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPreviewTouchUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnPropertyChanged (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
OnQueryContinueDrag (inherited from UIElement) 
OnQueryCursor (inherited from UIElement) 
OnRender (inherited from UIElement) 
OnRenderSizeChanged (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
OnStyleChanged (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
OnStylusButtonDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnStylusButtonUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnStylusDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnStylusEnter (inherited from UIElement) 
OnStylusInAirMove (inherited from UIElement) 
OnStylusInRange (inherited from UIElement) 
OnStylusLeave (inherited from UIElement) 
OnStylusMove (inherited from UIElement) 
OnStylusOutOfRange (inherited from UIElement) 
OnStylusSystemGesture (inherited from UIElement) 
OnStylusUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnTemplateChanged (inherited from Control) 
OnTextInput (inherited from UIElement) 
OnToolTipClosing (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
OnToolTipOpening (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
OnTouchDown (inherited from UIElement) 
OnTouchEnter (inherited from UIElement) 
OnTouchLeave (inherited from UIElement) 
OnTouchMove (inherited from UIElement) 
OnTouchUp (inherited from UIElement) 
OnVisualChildrenChanged (inherited from Visual) 
OnVisualParentChanged (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
ParentLayoutInvalidated (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
PointFromScreen (inherited from Visual) 
PointToScreen (inherited from Visual) 
PredictFocus (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
RaiseEvent (inherited from UIElement) 
ReadLocalValue (inherited from DependencyObject) 
RegisterName (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
ReleaseAllTouchCaptures (inherited from UIElement) 
ReleaseMouseCapture (inherited from UIElement) 
ReleaseStylusCapture (inherited from UIElement) 
ReleaseTouchCapture (inherited from UIElement) 
RemoveHandler (inherited from UIElement) 
RemoveLogicalChild (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
RemoveVisualChild (inherited from Visual) 
SetBinding (inherited from FrameworkElement)Overloaded.  
SetCurrentValue (inherited from DependencyObject) 
SetResourceReference (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
SetValue (inherited from DependencyObject)Overloaded.  
ShouldSerializeCommandBindings (inherited from UIElement) 
ShouldSerializeInputBindings (inherited from UIElement) 
ShouldSerializeProperty (inherited from DependencyObject) 
ShouldSerializeResources (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
ShouldSerializeStyle (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
ShouldSerializeTriggers (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
ToString (inherited from Control) 
TransformToAncestor (inherited from Visual)Overloaded.  
TransformToDescendant (inherited from Visual) 
TransformToVisual (inherited from Visual) 
TranslatePoint (inherited from UIElement) 
TryFindResource (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
UnregisterName (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
UpdateDefaultStyle (inherited from FrameworkElement) 
UpdateLayout (inherited from UIElement) 
VerifyAccess (inherited from DispatcherObject) 
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