Merging Multiple HTML Pages

You can merge multiple HTML pages into a single PDF file simply by calling ConvertUrl multiple times with the same PdfDocument object. For example:

//Create a new PdfDocument object
EO.Pdf.PdfDocument doc = new EO.Pdf.PdfDocument();

//Convert three different pages into the same PdfDocument
EO.Pdf.HtmlToPdf.ConvertUrl("c:\\1.html", doc);
EO.Pdf.HtmlToPdf.ConvertUrl("c:\\2.html", doc);
EO.Pdf.HtmlToPdf.ConvertUrl("c:\\3.html", doc);

//Save the PDF file

By default each conversion starts a new page. You can call EO.Pdf.HtmlToPdf.Options.Follow to instruct the converter to render the next conversion's output immediately after the previous one on the same page.