Setting Page Size and Margin

Setting Page Size

To configure output page size, set HtmlToPdfOptions's PageSize:

//Set output page size to 8.5 by 11 inches
EO.Pdf.HtmlToPdf.Options.PageSize = new SizeF(8.5f, 11f);        
//Convert c:\test.html to c:\result.pdf
EO.Pdf.HtmlToPdf.ConvertUrl("c:\\test.html", "c:\\result.pdf");

You can also use one of the pre-defined page sizes:

//Set output page size to A5
EO.Pdf.HtmlToPdf.Options.PageSize = EO.Pdf.PdfPageSizes.A5;

The default page size is letter size.

Setting Page Margins

Page margins are indirectly set through HtmlToPdfOptions's OutputArea. This property defines the "output window" on a page, which excludes page margins. The default OutputArea has the following values on a letter size paper:

Left    1 inch
Top     1 inch
Width   6.5 inches
Height  9 inches

This creates a margin of 1 inch on all sides because letter size is 8.5 by 11 inches. The following code would change the margins to 0.5 inch on all sides:

//Set margins to 0.5 inch on all sides
EO.Pdf.HtmlToPdf.Options.OutputArea = new RectangleF(0.5f, 0.5f, 7.5f, 10f);

Setting Page Orientation

EO.Pdf does not have a direct option for page orientation. The same paper with a different orientation is just a different size with width/height value swapped. For example, the following code uses A4 paper in landspace instead of in portrait orientation:

//Using A4 in landscape, note that the width/height values are swapped        
EO.Pdf.HtmlToPdf.Options.PageSize = new SizeF(EO.Pdf.PdfPageSizes.A4.Height, EO.Pdf.PdfPageSizes.A4.Width);

Using @page CSS at-rule

EO.Pdf supports @page CSS at-rule. You can either automatically or manually apply @page at-rule. @page at-rule is automatically applied when both of the following conditions are met:

  size: A4;
  margin: 1cm;

The following code demonstrates how to automatically apply the above style:

//@page rule is only automatically applied when UsePrintMedia 
//is set to true
HtmlToPdf.Options.UsePrintMedia = true;

//Convert a page that contains the above style block will 
//automatically set page size and margin based on the above style
HtmlToPdf.ConvertUrl(url, pdf_file_name);

The @page at-rule will not be automatically applied when either of the above condition is not met. However in that case it can still be applied manually. The following code demonstrates how to apply @page at-rule manually:

using (HtmlToPdfSession session = HtmlToPdfSession.Create())
    //Load the Url to be convertered
    //Get the @page at-rule information. GetPageStyle
    //returns null if no @page at-rule exists
    PageStyle style = session.GetPageStyle();
    //Apply the rule if it exists
    if (style != null)
    //Render the result