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Why EO.Web Grid is special?

EO.Web Grid offers a rich editable and scrollable data grid control that giving user a superior experience by performing most tasks on the client side.

  • Editable and scrollable. Everything about editing and scrolling are built-in. Editing support for most common data types, such as text, number, date/time are built-in. Windows ListView style scrolling support are built-in.
  • Perform most tasks on the client side. EO.Web Grid performs most tasks on the client side. All user changes are performed on the client side and then posted back to the server side when the page posts back; Sorting and paging can be done both on the client side and server side; Column resizing and ordering are completely done on the client side;
  • Built-in paging support. EO.Web Grid offers a built-in pager that is simple to use yet is fully customizable. The pager triggers paging event, which can be handled on the client side, or on the server side through postback or callback;
  • Built in AJAX support. All operations that can be done on the server side can be done via AJAX call without reloading the whole page or whole grid;
  • Best design time support. Along with powerful runtime features, EO.Web also offers the best design time support. The following image shows EO.Web Grid renders WYSIWYG result on Visual Studio's design surface:

  • Other advanced features. Many other advanced features, such as completely client side JavaScript interface, fixed column, are also supported;