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Running Mode


EO.Web supports three running modes: Client Running Mode, Server Running Mode and Callback Running Mode. Running mode controls how EO.Web Grid handles sorting and paging.

Client Running Mode

In client running mode, both sorting and paging are handled on the client side. Regardless whether paging is enabled, all data are downloaded to the client when the page initially loads. Client running mode is suitable when the number of records is not particularly high, for example, a few hundreds to a thousand.

Server Running Mode

In server running mode, both sorting and paging are handled on the server side. Server mode is usually used together with paging. Only data within the current page is fetched from the data source and downloaded to the client side when paging is enabled in server mode. This allows server mode to support thousands or even millions of records.

Callback Mode

Callback mode is almost identical to server mode and it also performs sorting and paging on the server side. However it does not reload the whole page when doing so. Instead the server side code is called within an AJAX callback context and a client side LoadingHTML can be optionally displayed while it awaits the server for the new data.

Similar result can be achieved by placing the Grid into a CallbackPanel control or an ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel control. However the built-in Callback mode performs much faster because it only re-fetches the new data from the server side without re-rendering all the HTML elements for the Grid.