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HtmlToPdf Members

The HtmlToPdf class exposes the following members.

Name Description
HtmlToPdf(); Initializes a new instance of the HtmlToPdf class.
Name Description
CacheFolder Gets or sets the folder in which cache file directories should be created.
DebugConsole Gets or sets a TextWriter object that can used to output debug messages during the conversion.
DisableGPU Gets or sets a value indicating whether to disable GPU.
EngineIdleTimeout Gets or sets the timeout value before HTML to PDF conversion engine is automatically unloaded.
Ext Gets an IHtmlToPdfExtension object that supports async extension methods.
HighResRatio Gets or sets the high resolution ratio.
MaxConcurrentTaskCount Gets or sets the maximum number of concurrent conversion allowed at the same time.
Options Gets the HtmlToPdfOptions object that contains various conversion options.
Result Gets the last HTML to PDF result.
Name Description
AddLocalTrustedCertificates All all trusted certificates in your local certificate store.
AddMyTrustedCertificates All all trusted certificates in the current user's certificate store.
AddTrustedCertificate Add an additional trusted certificate.
Capture Capture the current contents of the a WebView object as PDF.
ClearResult Clears the Result property.
ConvertHtmlOverloaded. Convert HTML text to PDF and write output to a PdfDocument object.
ConvertUrlOverloaded. Convert a Web page into PDF and write the output to a PdfDocument.
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