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EO.Pdf Namespace
Class Description
ClientCertificate Represents an X509 certificate that can be used for client authentication.
HtmlDocument Contains information about an HTML document that is being converted to PDF.
HtmlElement Contains information about an HTML element that has been converted to PDF.
HtmlNode Provides the base class for HtmlElement and HtmlTextNode.
HtmlTextNode Contains information about an HTML text node that has been converted to PDF.
HtmlToPdf HTML to PDF converter.
HtmlToPdfException The exception that is thrown when a conversion failed.
HtmlToPdfOptions Contains various HTML to PDF conversion options.
HtmlToPdfResult Contains HTML to PDF conversion result.
HtmlToPdfSession Simulates a Web session that involves multiple pages.
PageInfo Contains information about a page.
PageInfoCollection Represents a collection of PageInfo object.
PageStyle Contains information specified by @page CSS at-rule.
Paginator Provides utility functions for custom paging.
PdfAction The base class for all PDF actions.
PdfAttachment Represents an attachment in the PDF file.
PdfAttachmentCollection Represents a collection of PdfAttachment objects.
PdfBookmark Represents a bookmark in the PDF file.
PdfBookmarkCollection Represents a collection of PdfBookmark objects.
PdfCheckBoxField Represents a checkbox button.
PdfComboBoxField Represents a combobox field.
PdfDestination Represents a particular view and location of the document.
PdfDocInfo Represents PDF file information
PdfDocument Represents a PDF document.
PdfDocumentEventArgs Provides data to events associated to a PdfDocument object.
PdfDocumentSecurity Contains information about security information about a PdfDocument.
PdfField Represents a fill in form field.
PdfFieldCollection Represents a collection of fields.
PdfGenericField Represents a generic field.
PdfGoToAction Represents a PDF action that changes the view to a specified destination.
PdfJavaScriptAction Represents a PDF action to executes JavaScript code.
PdfLaunchAction Represents a PDF action that Launches an application.
PdfLink Contains information about a hyperlink.
PdfListBoxField Represents a listbox field.
PdfListField Represents a list field.
PdfListItem Represents an item in a PDF list box.
PdfListItemCollection Represents a collection of PdfListItem objects.
PdfObject Base class for an object that is directly associated to a PDF file.
PdfOnOffField Represents a field with on/off state.
PdfPage Represents a page in the PDF file.
PdfPageCollection Represents a collection of PdfPage objects.
PdfPageEventArgs Provide data to events associated to a PdfPage.
PdfPageLocation Represents a location on a PdfPage.
PdfPageRectangle Represents a rectangle on a PdfPage.
PdfPageSizes Contains standard page sizes in inches.
PdfPortfolio Contains information about PDF portfolio.
PdfPushButtonField Represents a push button.
PdfRadioButtonField Represents a radio button.
PdfRadioButtonGroup Represents a radio button group.
PdfRender Renders PDF pages as an image.
PdfSigner Utility class to sign a PDF file.
PdfTextField Represents a text box field.
PdfUriAction Represents a PDF action that opens an URI.
PdfViewerException The exception that is thrown when an error occurs with a PdfViewer.
PdfViewerPreference Contains viewer preference information.
Runtime Class used to initialize runtime information.
YRange Represents a range on the Y axis.


Interface Description
IHtmlToPdfExtension Supports async extension HTML to PDF methods.
IPdfViewer Defines methods for a PDF Viewer.
Delegate Description
PdfDocumentEventHandler Represents the method that will handle events associated to a PdfDocument object.
PdfPageEventHandler Represents the method that will handle events associated to a PdfPage.
Enumeration Description
HtmlToPdfAutoFitMode Specifies the auto-fit mode for the HTML to PDF converter.
HtmlToPdfErrorCode HTML to PDF error codes.
HtmlToPdfMode Specifies HTML to PDF mode.
HtmlToPdfTriggerMode Specifies how the HTML to PDF conversion is triggered.
PageBreakMode Specifies page break mode for an element.
PdfActionType Specifies the type of a PDF action.
PdfDestFitMode Specifies auto fit mode for a PdfDestination object.
PdfDocumentPermissions Specifies permissions for a PdfDocument.
PdfPageLayout Specifying the page layout to be used when the document is opened.
PdfPageMode Specifies the document's page mode.
PdfPortfolioView Specifies the initial portfolio view.
PdfStandard Represents PDF file standard.
PdfTextFieldMode Specifies the text box mode.
PdfViewerErrorCode Specifies error code uses by PdfViewerException
PdfViewerUIElement Specifies an UI element in the PDFViewer UI.
SSLVerificationMode Specifies how to verify a server SSL certificate.